The ultimate all-in-one marketing glossary

A/B Testing

Also referred to as split testing, the process in which email and content marketers compare two versions of a single variable to determine which one performs better. This process is undertaken in order to optimize content and marketing efforts.


A website analytics metric that lets you see the percentage of people who began a defined conversion process but did not complete it

B2B Content

Content specifically targeted for B2B audiences. For example, white papers, industry-relevant articles, blog posts, podcasts, and infographics for clients, potential clients, colleagues, partners, and suppliers.

B2C Content

B2C customers respond better to content that demonstrates emotional satisfaction, targets benefits, and proves value for the price on highly targeted, relevant channels.

Calendar Sharing

Integrating with multiple calendars and putting control in the hands of the prospect or lead. He or she can simply choose a preferred date and time and then the seller’s diary is booked for that date and time.

Call Ads

A type of advertisement used on mobile devices, that allows users, to click or tap, to call a business directly through the ad.