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When businesses evaluate their website performance, they often judge it based on how many visitors they are getting. Following that thought, when they want to improve it, the first thing they aim for is driving more traffic. Savvy businesses realize, however, that the volume of traffic is rarely the most important metric; instead, businesses should be looking at the number of leads and conversions they are generating – these are the numbers that really drive sales. You could have higher traffic than all your competitors, but if your conversion rate is poor, you’ll never make any money. It’s like having a plush showroom with plenty of fancy cars that people come by to see and test drive, but nobody buys! Where is your return on investment (ROI)?

When visitors come to your website, some will be interested in your services, and others will just be browsing. True leads are the visitors with an interest in your services, and who actually have the ability to make a purchase.

For example, if you are a Toronto business servicing your local geography and you receive 500 visitors to your site from Asia, Australia and Europe, those are not leads, because they will never buy your services. Or if they did intend to buy, you will not have the ability to serve them, so it is a wasted effort. If, however, those visitors were all located in the Greater Toronto Area, they would be leads and worth far more because they represent potential business.

When leads visit your website, a portion of them will take further action, such as calling your business, filling in a contact form, or even making a purchase online. When a lead takes one of these actions, which moves them a step further along the sales process, they become a “conversion”.


WSI Comandix can help maximize your conversion rate through a few key initiatives:

  • Improve sales copy so that visitors are more likely to continue with their sales journey
  • Test different elements of your website using split-testing to ensure that every change we make is statistically better
  • Improve the design and usability of your website so that prospective customers find it easier to navigate and use
  • Ensure that your site has compelling calls to action driving qualified leads to convert

Let WSI Comandix Guide Your Website to Greater Profitability

WSI Comandix can help your website attract leads, not time-wasters or tire-kickers. By increasing your conversion rate, we can also help you earn more money from the same number of visitors. Many of our customers see their online conversion rate double or even quadruple after we have started work on optimizing their website with conversion architecture.

Our services include:

WSI Comandix can help your business generate more leads and conversions through expert Digital Marketing Services. Call us today at (905) 475-3675 for more information.

Digital Marketing Services to Acquire More Leads and Sales


  • Competitor Analysis

  • Solutions Blueprint

  • Digital Marketing Partner Program

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Marketing Automation

  • Social Media Marketing

Assessing your competitors’ strengths and online performance is a critical part of the SEO process. It is essential to determine what you can do to improve your website’s reach. It can give valuable insights into what your peers are doing and help you come up with unique strategies best-suited for your business.


The right way to map out the strategy for your website is by creating digital marketing solutions blueprints. These include reviewing your current strategies, eliminating ineffective practices, and adopting new approaches for a powerful online presence. They can help you enhance your business reach through goal-oriented methods that deliver the desired results.


Determining the most effective digital marketing strategies for your business and creating tailor-made solutions to meet specific needs requires the knowledge of the experts. Our digital marketing specialists can come up with the best solutions for your online success so you can focus on the core aspects of your business.


Merely having a well-designed website is not enough to ensure your online success. Adopting the best practices for conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the key to expanding your online reach. It is essential to track and analyze your website to learn what motivates a visitor to convert and implement strategies accordingly.


Online market automation is all about engaging users across multiple channels to generate leads and drive sales. It requires you to adopt and implement different tools, such as email campaigns, to reach out to your customers. It also focuses on integrating your marketing policies with your CRM systems to ensure you do not miss out on any opportunities to enhance your online reach.


Having a strong digital presence across multiple platforms is crucial to increase your online customer base. Adopting the best social media marketing strategies allows you to tap into the desired demographics, connect with your audience, target their interests, and enhance your brand visibility. It is a powerful tool to drive website traffic and boost sales.


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