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From doctors and lawyers to financial advisors and engineers, professional services businesses help keep our world running every day. In today’s world, however, most people who need a particular service do not head out to scour the streets looking for a business that can help them. Instead, they turn to their favourite search engine for help.

Whether you work directly with consumers or contract your services to other businesses, digital marketing can help you grow your customer base and reinforce your brand. Enlisting the help of a trusted partner like WSI Comandix makes it easy for you to implement a full digital marketing strategy that will power your business to the top of your industry.

Professional Business Services
Digital Marketing for Business

Benefits of Digital Marketing for the Professional Services Sector

  • Low-Cost Advertising. Many professional services businesses use traditional forms of marketing, such as billboards, newspaper flyers, and radio ads. Digital marketing can help you advertise your business for a fraction of the cost of older channels.
  • Improved Authority. When clients hire a company to take care of their banking, legal affairs, medical needs, or any other highly sensitive matters, they want to know that they have made the right decision. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your business’ expertise and prove to your clients that they can trust you with their most important concerns.
  • Better Access to Clients. Many of your clients may not watch TV or read the newspaper, especially if they are on the younger side. Digital marketing helps you to capture their attention by aiming your messaging at channels they do use, such as social media and search ads.
  • Target Specific Markets. What if you could tailor your marketing spending to reach more people who fit your buyer profile? With digital marketing, you can target specific demographics of people based on age, gender, interests, search intent, and more.
  • Drive Growth and Success. Growth is every company’s ultimate goal, and you need as many customers as possible to reach it. Digital marketing generates a steady flow of new leads to sell to and helps you build a base of loyal customers that you can count on for consistent revenue over time.

Our Digital Marketing Services

At WSI Comandix, we believe that digital marketing is most effective when several techniques work in concert with each other. To that end, we offer a full range of digital marketing services, including:

These days, a professional services business without a website may be perceived as lacking credibility or tech-savvy. We design visually striking websites that represent your business and brand to its best advantage online while also prioritizing an excellent user experience.

Your business’ website is just one of many out there in your niche. We ensure it gets the attention it deserves with SEO strategies that will push it to the top of the search results.

SEO is a long-term solution to your online visibility troubles, but it may take some time for your strategies to begin generating results. We implement pay-per-click (PPC) ad strategies to help close that gap and generate some early revenue for your business.

Email marketing keeps your leads informed about new developments within your business, such as introducing a new service or a limited-time promotion. We create attractive marketing emails that keep an open communication channel between you and your past and prospective customers.

Many Canadian adults spend hours on their social media accounts each day. We capitalize on this phenomenon by maintaining a strong presence on popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Navigation Services

A website that is too difficult to browse will frustrate many of your leads. We streamline your website’s navigation and layout to create a smoother browsing experience that will keep users happy and engaged during their sessions.

Constructing a comprehensive plan is the first step to deploying a full-scale digital marketing program. As part of our Digital Marketing Blueprint service, we review your goals for your business and establish a step-by-step trajectory that establishes the specific actions you will need to take to better market your business online.

Users who have visited your website but have not converted are not necessarily lost causes. Our remarketing services target these leads with specially crafted ads based on their browsing habits during their previous session on your site, presenting them with messaging and offers that are sure to interest them.

Having an active GMB profile significantly improves a company’s chances of being featured in prominent positions on the first page of Google’s search results. We build and manage your GMB profile to ensure your business gets as much exposure as possible. When GMB switches to Google Business Profile (GBP) in 2022, we will continue to manage that as well.

Digital Marketing is Perfect for…

  • Financial Planners
  • Funeral Homes
  • Graphic Design Companies
  • IT Firms
  • Law Offices
  • Logistics Companies
  • Photographers
  • Recruitment Firms
  • Software Development Firms
  • Videographers

… and more.

Why Choose Us?

WSI Comandix’s award-winning digital marketing services have made us the top digital marketing partner for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. We pride ourselves on our:

  • Local Expertise. We know the best ways to reach customers in the GTA. After more than 20 years in business, we have developed an intimate understanding of both the B2B and B2C markets in this area, and we always conduct our digital marketing work with this in mind.
  • Professional Consideration. We understand the potential legal and ethical ramifications of advertising for a professional services business. We take care to avoid any potentially harmful messaging in your advertising, and we always ask for your input before any of the content we create for you goes live.
  • Proven Results. Our sterling track record speaks for itself. We have served countless clients in virtually every industry imaginable and have always produced exemplary results. Our clients trust us to bolster their bottom line, and so can you.
  • Personalized Service. Generic marketing tactics will never be as effective as strategies that account for your business’ unique needs. We customize our services for every client, constructing an approach that targets the type of customers you are looking for and highlights the best parts of your business.

Contact us today to arrange a free preliminary consultation and learn more about how we can help your Toronto professional services business get noticed.

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  • “WSI Comandix is a highly capable Digital Marketing company, who take a personal and passionate interest in your business and success. Mike, Peter and the team at WSI Comandix take responsibility for results. This is in contrast to most D.M. companies that we encountered. I highly recommend WSI Comandix, and suggest to anyone new to Digital Marketing, educate yourself first. There are a lot of false claims out there in the Digital Marketing universe. Don’t get taken advantage of.”

    Dave Geiss - Officescape Markham

  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike and the WSI team for over 6 years and a variety of projects, big and small, for Herjavec Group. From entire website redesigns to ad-hoc support and development, WSI is always responsive, professional and knowledgeable. They remain my #1 trusted resource for web initiatives and an extension of our team.”

    Kaleigh Tait - Herjavec Group

  • “The team at WSI has been an absolute dream to work with. They spent countless hours learning about our company and our clients before laying the foundation of design. We received ongoing support and what seemed to be like endless changes until our website was exactly what we needed. All changes were made quickly, and responses from the team were timely. Our lead generation from google has tripled since we published our new and improved website. We are incredibly happy with the end result. I would suggest WSI to anyone that needs a website!”

    Jessica Payne - Helping Hands Doula

  • “WSI Comandix has progressively produced month over month starting with a small-scale campaign / budget and as results started to appear, I have increased to a larger scale campaign which has been rewarding. New customers are finding our brand and are engaging for highly profitable project opportunities.”

    Sam Beninato - renoWOW!

  • “WSI/Comandix is that digital campaign manager. When you have principal Peter Jasniewski and Senior Project Manager Mike Gualtieri on your marketing team you will have unquestionably the best campaign outcome for your digital dollars. They will propose, suggest, educate and implement for you and your entire team.”

    David Hirsh - Brandy Lane Homes


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