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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike and the WSI team for over 6 years and a variety of projects, big and small, for Herjavec Group. From entire website redesigns to ad-hoc support and development, WSI is always responsive, professional and knowledgeable. They remain my #1 trusted resource for web initiatives and an extension of our team.”

Kaleigh Tait

Herjavec Group

“WSI Comandix has been by Web & Digital Marketing partner for multiple years now. They first took over site management of my existing website which was built with a previous vendor. Over time, that site appeared dated and didn’t articulate our business strategy and focus moving forward as we wanted to be known as a full-service Residential & Commercial Roofing Company in the Greater Toronto Area. WSI has taken me through the process of building an elaborate, conversion focused, client facing new website that showcases our brand in the highly competitive roofing industry. From the original process of understanding the business needs, to the design & development process – it has been an educational experience learning how to build a proper website to set Integrity Roofers up for aggressive Marketing campaigns to grow. We also decided to make the big shift from .CA to .COM to which the Comandix team has put steps in place to ensure that the transition was as smooth as it could be to not damage the previous Marketing efforts we have worked on previously together on our previous site/domain. We require new leads daily. WSI Comandix educates us on what is required, they act quickly to help solve our needs or changes based on seasonality and I am now excited to promote & showcase my new website to our customers. I can’t wait to see what may come moving forward.”

Shay Barat

Integrity Roofers Ltd.

“Functional Anatomy Seminars is a leader in the field of continuing education for fitness professionals and manual therapists. Through a series of proprietary seminars, the Functional Range System offers a complete approach to client care that focuses on joint health, assessment and performance optimization. In addition to certifying individual practitioners around the world, FRS also has ongoing relationships with the S&C and medical staff for dozens of professional organizations in the MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, NFL, NCAA and the UFC.

A few years ago, we were at a crossroads with our current, online partner and felt that we needed to make a change to better optimize our digital efforts. At that time, WSI had taken over the maintenance of a cobbled together WP website that had several limitations, performance issues and a dated UX. Our first priority was to focus our energy on better marketing automation and demand generation, all the while knowing that the core website needed a refresh. While getting our marketing automation plan up and running, I was simultaneously meeting with Mike Gualtieri and his team to plan out how we can improve our online presence. It was a daunting task for several reasons. First and foremost, our existing site was highly customized with regards to our customer data. Customers would sign up for one or several courses, which also provided them with time-sensitive access to specific course material that needed to be viewed prior to live (and eventually online) lecture dates. It’s important to note that at any given time, we would be running one to four seminars a week with groups of 20 to 100 attendees depending on the course. In addition to the pre-seminar access, once the seminar concluded, access to course specific asset libraries would then be opened; which effectively translates into a website with over 200 unique pages that must be easily updated by the FRS team as well as navigated by our clients. All user data also has to be passed to our Find A Provider tool which is a value-added service that we offer to members who have completed seminars. In addition to that functionality, data would also have to be passed to our Marketing Automation platform for course specific communications as well as nurture campaigns based on our client’s course history. Our collective challenge – Update the User Experience, deliver a better overall flow of information, improve on-site lead generation and position ourselves as the leader in the category; all while not breaking any of the asset access/permissions that our clients utilize on a daily basis. Mike and his team were sensitive to all of these concerns and we worked closely together in creating detailed design and UX briefs. The team at WSI would provide layouts back for approval/revisions and once approved, build out the appropriate sections in staging. Concurrently the WSI development team was streamlining the back-end and suggesting performance improvements where they saw fit.

When it came time to launch, the WSI team was meticulous in their Quality Assurance testing and our effective down-time was less than 24 hours when we launched. Our entire team and customer base are incredibly happy with the new website and we have had nothing but positive feedback. Further, it was a pleasure to work closely with Mike and his team and I look forward to our continued collaboration as our website continues to evolve.”

Mark Brunswick

Functional Anatomy Seminars

“Comandix built our new website in 2020. Comandix showed that, above all, they cared about how the world sees our business and helping us to grow. The start of the process wasn’t about website templates and design elements. It was about unearthing who we are and understanding how to represent ourselves, which involved a lot of thought-provoking questions and conversations before we even started on the design. This informed our site purpose, structure, functionality, etc. Taking this important step before diving into design and development was really beneficial for us and speaks volumes about the character and passion of Comandix. They listened intently and heard everything we said but weren’t afraid to use their expertise and industry authority to challenge some of our ideas if they felt there was a better way to consider. The process was effortless – they did all of the heavy lifting and simply asked us to provide direction or approvals at each fork in the road. We threw a few curveballs at them with regards to special features and functionalities, which were always met with a can-do attitude and a solution. In the end, we have a beautiful website that helps us to educate our audience which generates warm, inbound leads to grow our business from. Thank you very much, Comandix.”

Jack Porter-Smith

WSI Paid Search

“I have had the pleasure of working with Peter, Mike and the WSI Comandix team for several years on a number of projects for various clients. Projects ranged from collaborating with my design team, designing complete websites, developing an on-line ordering system for a National Foodservice Company and providing customer service back up to my clients. A very professional team, delivering great work and support beyond expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending WSI Comandix to anyone looking for a Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency.”

Joe Azzopardi

Joe & Co. Integrated Design

“Working with WSI is a very positive experience. They are very responsive and dedicated to their clients. They take their time to ensure you have a full understanding to ensure you are making the right decision. Highly recommend.”

Tanya Miller

UELC & U Optical

“On a cold, dreary February day in 2019, management staff at the Brandy Lane Corporation noticed that there was a large spike in the number of prospect registrations for a new residential project we were about to launch.  “All this from one little sign!” they exclaimed.  Nope, it was not the little sign; it was our digital transformation.  We learned that our digital marketing efforts had been doubled up by a former sales manager.  We learned new language – viral, organic, optimization, re-marketing, WordPress, SEO, and even something about a domination campaign.  This was an all-new marketing paradigm that ran in the background all day, every day for a fraction of the cost of conventional marketing outlets we had used before.  The new project was launched exclusively on the strength of the digital campaign manager* and their ideas and implementation programs.  The campaign returned over 1,000 highly motivated registrants for the project and resulted in first weekend sales of over $30,000,000.

WSI/Comandix is that digital campaign manager.  When you have principal Peter Jasniewski and Senior Project Manager Mike Gualtieri on your marketing team you will have unquestionably the best campaign outcome for your digital dollars.  They will propose, suggest, educate and implement for you and your entire team; they will produce results that count and make your product the only product that matters to your client universe; they will put expedite your sales efforts and put money in your pocket.  And if that doesn’t happen, well, it’s the product that has failed and not your WSI/Comandix digital campaign strategy.”

David Hirsh

Brandy Lane Homes

“RenoWOW partnered with Comandix Marketing last year starting with a brand new website to refresh our brand online.  Second phase was implementing a Digital Marketing strategy for increased online visibility, brand awareness and most importantly lead generation.  Our contractor industry is highly competitive, and I require a steady flow of new project opportunities for my business & crews.  WSI Comandix has progressively produced month over month starting with a small-scale campaign / budget and as results started to appear, I have increased to a larger scale campaign which has been rewarding.  New customers are finding our brand and are engaging for highly profitable project opportunities.

We depend on our online presence for a steady flow of leads and our campaigns perform.  Digital Marketing can be successful if done right, and I am comfortable & pleased with the success of my campaigns thanks to the WSI team and their efforts & collaboration.”

Sam Beninato


“We have been working with WSI since we opened our law firm. Right away, we knew that in order to survive in this highly competitive industry we would need to have a PPC campaign. WSI explained all our options and worked with our budget at the time to produce the leads that we needed. Over the years we have increased our budget to what it is today and could not be happier. We are consistently getting numerous calls on a daily basis that are leading to new clients. As well, we are gaining the necessary exposure in order to establish ourselves as a reputable company.

The Paid Marketing team at WSI clearly knows what they are doing. They have put in the time and research in figuring out the best keywords for our campaign. When working with us, it was determined that we should only be running our Paid Marketing from 9am to 5pm. This was done in order to optimize our budget as we are primarily in the office during that time. Since we are a Toronto based law firm, we decided that it would be best that we advertise in Toronto and the GTA and WSI took care of that for us. The Paid Marketing team has gone above and beyond, and we could not be happier with the performance of our Paid Marketing campaign.

WSI makes it very clear at the beginning that they will have open communications with you regarding your campaign. Whenever we have questions or concerns, we would send an email and receive a response right away. Furthermore, we receive a monthly newsletter of sorts that explains how well out campaign is doing. We could not be happier with the service we have and will receive from WSI.”

Liam Walker

Sturino Walker Legal

“The team at WSI has been an absolute dream to work with.  They spent countless hours learning about our company and our clients before laying the foundation of design. We received ongoing support and what seemed to be like endless changes until our website was exactly what we needed. All changes were made quickly, and responses from the team were timely.

Our lead generation from google has tripled since we published our new and improved website. We are incredibly happy with the end result. I would suggest WSI to anyone that needs a website!”

Jessica Payne

Helping Hands Doula

“The team at WSI is truly amazing. They took my existing website, made all the changes I wanted, gave me amazing advice and helped me focus on doing what needed to be done.  They worked hard, and likely many hours more than what I believe I even paid for.  I feel they were more than honest, and it really felt like they had an invested interest in making sure my website both reflected my company, and functioned very well.  Thanks all! Glad to have you on our team!!”

Revi Mula

Monaco Interiors Inc.

“Peter and the rest of the team at WSI are incredibly knowledgeable and they really understand your business needs to deliver the best product/service possible.  I highly recommend any new or established business owner to reach out. Give their free website assessment a try and you’ll see how much opportunity there is in your businesses growth.  You won’t be disappointed in the results they provide!”

Markus Rosenberg

“WSI Comandix is a highly capable Digital Marketing company, who take a personal and passionate interest in your business and success. Mike, Peter and the team at WSI Comandix take responsibility for results. This is in contrast to most D.M. companies that we encountered. I highly recommend  WSI Comandix, and suggest to anyone new to Digital Marketing, educate yourself first. There are a lot of false claims out there in the Digital Marketing universe. Don’t get taken advantage of.”

Dave Geiss

Officescape Markham

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