Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Improve Landing Page Performance to Generate More Revenue Opportunities

In any challenging marketplace, differentiation from any and all competitors will be a key factor in capturing a larger/the largest share of the business.  Marketing and advertising will of course play a major role in establishing this degree of separation from your competition, including a focused effort on driving more traffic to your company’s website.

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However, limiting this focus to increasing your website traffic may not be sufficient to attain your ultimate goal of increasing sales and market share.  An emphasis must also be placed on conversion rates – getting customers to go beyond just visiting your website and take a specific action that will produce opportunities to acquire new and/or additional business.  In effect, improving or optimizing the performance of your landing page design, without necessarily increasing your advertising budget, can help you generate greater revenues.

Landing Page Pointers to Increase Your Conversion Rates

To effectively convert your landing page traffic into revenue opportunities, several aspects of your digital marketing strategy should be examined and, if needed, refined or re-defined.


Here are five elements to address with respect to improving or optimizing the effectiveness of your landing pages:

Defining your objectives

  • What is the focal point of your marketing campaign?
  • What results do you specifically want to achieve?

Knowing your audience

  • How would you define your ideal customers?
  • Does your offer or message appeal to their specific needs?
  • Or is your message too broad to have any appeal at all?

Landing page design

  • Is the page specific to your message or too busy/distracting?
  • Have you positioned your main message for maximum impact?
  • Have you incorporated any images/videos or it is mainly text?
  • Does it present any guarantees or customer testimonials?
  • And what about social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter)?

Having a call-to-action

  • What action do you want your customers to take next?
  • Contact you? make a purchase? register for a seminar?

Monitoring performance (on a regular basis)

  • What are the activity levels (traffic, length of visits, conversions)?
  • Do you need to make any adjustments as a result?

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