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Enhance your ROI with Marketing Automation

Your digital marketing campaigns drive traffic to your website – but then what? Your business must maximize the value you get from these visitors, making sure as many as possible convert into leads, and then using those leads to drive maximum conversion and profits.

One of the best ways of doing this is to utilize email newsletter campaigns. Relevant content delivered in bite-sized nuggets will familiarize customers with your brand and introduce them to the benefits of your products and services, building up and nurturing the relationship over time before offering them the opportunity to make a purchase.

The big benefits of these campaigns are that they can be fully automated: continually building relationships, creating leads, and making sales; all with little or no input from your team. Your automated marketing tools will be working hard to build your business even while your team focuses on other tasks.

By integrating these email campaigns with your customer relationship management (CRM) system, you can ensure that content is varied to meet the different needs of leads, contacts, and clients. Distinct, targeted content will ensure that every relationship is mined for its full potential.

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WSI Comandix is trained in delivering Marketing Automation solutions on the following platforms: HubSpot, Eloqua, Marketo and SalesManago. We are the only distributor of SalesManago system in Canada.

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Generate Leads and Drive Sales with Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

WSI Comandix provides businesses in the Markham and Greater Toronto Area with premium digital marketing services, helping businesses use effective strategies such as email marketing to increase their ROI.

Our marketing automation services include:

  • Creation of custom automation strategies and campaigns that will build your brand, nurture online relationships and sell your services effectively
  • Customer profiling to help ensure that your Marketing Automation speak directly to the needs of the individuals and businesses you are communicating with
  • Your messages will not only read well, they will look great too, on both desktop and mobile devices
  • We ensure that all your email communications will comply with CASL (Canadian Anti Spam Legislation) and other relevant laws in your region
  • We will integrate your Marketing Automation sequences with your existing CRM systems for maximum efficiency, or utilize the built-in CRM systems

WSI Comandix’s Marketing Automation helps your website generate more leads, create more sales, and accurately measure your ROI; all with little ongoing input from your team. Contact our marketing experts at (905) 475-3675 to discuss how we can help your business access these benefits.

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