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Proactively Attract New Customers with Display Advertising Services

Never before have your customers had access to so much choice and information. Studies show that 81%* of consumers will conduct extensive research online before making a purchase, and many of those will visit ten or more websites to compare information first before committing.

If your website receives a lot of visits from people who still haven’t committed to making a purchase, you may think that once they have left, you’ve missed your opportunity. After all, if they are viewing multiple competitor websites, it may be hard for your site to leave a lasting impression.

However, there is a way to keep your website top-of-mind with potential clients: display advertising services that deliver targeted ads and build repeat customers.

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Display advertising places your visually stunning ads on other websites, and can be used to specifically target prospects that have viewed your website previously or are looking for something similar to the product or service you offer. This increases their awareness of your business and significantly increases the chances that they will return to your website, either by clicking on the ad or revisiting at some time in the near future.

WSI Comandix Provides On-Demand Display Advertising Services for Toronto Businesses

Most businesses in the Greater Toronto Area don’t have time to create their own display advertising. WSI Comandix provides a full range of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising display advertising for local businesses.

Our services include:

  • The creation of unique visual advertisements for your business that will catch the eye and generate leads
  • Complete management of the entire process using our experience to ensure that your business gets the maximum benefit from your targeted ads.
  • Compiling and delivering regular reports on spending and ROI, ensuring that you know exactly where every cent of your marketing budget is going.
  • Setting up geographical or demographic-specific campaigns that target customers more effectively

Would you like to raise your company’s brand awareness and draw in surfers searching for your product or services? Our Display Advertising Services team can help. Call 905-475-3675 to speak with one of our web experts today or contact us online.

* RetailingToday – Study: 81% research online before making big purchases

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