We Will Build a Digital Marketing Plan that is Unique to Your Specific Business

No matter how similar the products and/or services, every business is different.  That is why a digital marketing plan created from a menu of pre-developed templates or a selection of mix-and-match options is simply not the optimal solution for your specific business.  It may be simpler, easier, and faster for the digital marketing agency to create such a plan, but it is not necessarily the plan that addresses your particular goals, needs, and challenges.

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custom digital marketing plan

At WSI Comandix, we take the time to understand the following from your perspective:

  • Your Business – what makes it unique from your competition
  • Your Markets – those currently being served as well as untapped potential
  • Your Customers – current clientele and potential areas of opportunity/growth

We then proceed to build a custom digital marketing plan that is both specific and unique to your products/services and to your market, whether local, national, or international.  This will in turn help take the online profile and presence of your business to the level of success you need and want.

Equally important, WSI Comandix will create your plan while simultaneously ensuring that your financial investment in digital marketing remains focused on generating the maximum possible return.


To target and attract more online traffic and convert a higher percentage of this traffic into real business opportunities and revenues, the team at WSI Comandix offers a complete infrastructure of digital marketing support that includes:


For WSI Comandix clients, your true advantage comes from capitalizing on our knowledge, experience, and specialized talents to grow your business in a challenging and ever-evolving digital market.

The WSI Comandix Approach: The WSI Lifecycle

To create your specific and unique digital marketing plan, our agency utilizes a trademark process known as the WSI Lifecycle™.  This Lifecycle approach has six phases that help us understand your business, build your ideal plan, and measure its impact and results.

For a detailed outline of the benefits your business can realize with the WSI Lifecycle, please see the diagram below.


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