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Ecommerce Website Design

Sell Goods Online through a Beautiful, Functional Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce is defined as the ability to transact online while using a dedicated digital storefront. The concept sounds simple, but just like a brick-and-mortar store, there are lots of functional, logistical, and aesthetic details you need to get right if you want your ecommerce to be effective. To help you get started, we’ve created a free eBook that features 18 tips to ensure your online business is set up for success.

The fundamental aspect of a well executed ecommerce solution is your online store’s security. At all times, your online customers must feel fully confident that their order and payment information will be processed without a risk of compromising their sensitive data. Neglecting security measures of your ecommerce online store can cause severe business losses, reputation damage, and leave you open to litigations and regulatory fines.

Another important aspect is the usability. Your ecommerce store must be easy to use and designed according to ecommerce best practices to allow a pleasant and intuitive user experience.

Your ecommerce website design and layouts must match your business type and branding to meet client’s expectations and allow logical flow for online purchases. Positive user experience includes easy product search, sensible product filtering features, a logical and simple checkout process and much more. Your online store should seamlessly integrate with your selected payment gateways and offer flexible shipping options. Integration of your legacy backend systems, like CRM, ERP, Accounting and Marketing Automation systems add an additional level of business automation. Your customers expect convenience when using an online store, so you should put in every effort to meet those expectations during the design and development of your ecommerce solution.

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Ecommerce Website Design Toronto

Choose the best eCommerce website design and development company in Toronto for all your eCommerce needs. For over two decades, our exceptionally talented team of eCommerce website design experts have used their extensive wealth of experience and the leading eCommerce technologies to help thousands of businesses achieve their online sales goals and objectives year after year. We deliver custom website interface and user experience design for eCommerce websites that leverage and promote brands.

The WSI Comandix eCommerce website design team has time tested and approved experience in applying divergent thinking and proven strategies to build virtually any eCommerce website design that you can dream up. We focus on creating sustained positive experiences that deliver measurable growth and results to our eCommerce clients, which has made us one of the best eCommerce website design companies in Toronto and the GTA.

Ecommerce Website Design Services

Ecommerce Website Design

Our highly experienced website design team creates the most captivating, fully functional, and device-responsive eCommerce themes that guarantee an outstanding design. Our extensive experience and industry insight allow us to provide our clients with alluring eCommerce websites and solutions that can accelerate sales and bring a positive transformation in the business.

Ecommerce Website Development

There are numerous ecommerce platforms that provide multiple features that help businesses improve their ecommerce websites. WSI Comandix specializes in Shopify and WooCommerce implementations. Our ecommerce development team in Toronto has extensive experience and expertise in using these and other platforms, tools, and features to create top ecommerce websites that exceed customer expectations.


Convenience and user experience are key factors in building a successful ecommerce website. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in 3rd party integrations. With a keen focus on customer support, we help clients integrate solutions such as CRM, ERP, order management, Accounting, shipping management and fulfillment centres.


We provide dedicated ongoing support to our clients to ensure that their ecommerce websites are running smoothly. We also provide digital marketing services to inspire more growth and success.

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Based in Markham, WSI Comandix provides ecommerce services for businesses that want to deliver a professional online storefront.

Ecommerce Website Design
ecommerce website Toronto

Common Questions About Ecommerce

What is ecommerce website design?

WSI Comandix designs ecommerce websites to improve user experience, functionality and to capitalize on up-sell opportunities. We achieve these objectives by designing conversion-oriented eCommerce sites that are easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. In eCommerce, first impressions make a huge difference and that why our eCommerce sites are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

What are the advantages of ecommerce?

There are many benefits of ecommerce, including:

  • Low operational costs with better quality service
  • No need for a physical business location
  • Easy to start and manage a business

What is the future of ecommerce?

Global ecommerce sales are estimated to reach over USD 6 trillion by 2023. Additional projections show that over 2.1 billion shoppers will turn to online stores to purchase goods and services as the demand for convenient and efficient shopping continues to grow.

How do I become an ecommerce entrepreneur?

There is no sure way to become a successful ecommerce entrepreneur. However, below are some helpful tips that, if used well, will give you a great start and increase your chances of success.

  • Know your competition
    In most cases, someone else has thought about or executed the big idea you have. Therefore, before moving forward, make sure you know if there are other players in your potential market using WSI’s competitor analysis. Remember that competition is not a bad thing – it just means there is a viable market.
  • Have a business plan
    A business plan gives your business direction and is the foundation of all potential growth.
  • Own your online presence
    Ensure you have a strong online presence and Google ranking either organically, through branding, or through paid visibility.
  • Become a part of the relevant business community
    Find the niche into which your product fits. This means identifying who will want your product or service and getting your name out in places that they can see it.
  • Utilize Social Media
    Use social media as a tool for branding and integrating into your customer base. Tools and platforms like Facebook and Google My Business are ideal places to start, and the WSI team can help you.
  • Build Your Store
    A good eCommerce web store will bring all your efforts together, so do not compromise on the design and development of your ecommerce website.
  • Offer Incredible Customer Service
    Go above and beyond to impress your customers. It will benefit you in the long run.

How do I succeed in ecommerce?

  • Do not rush your website or product launch
  • Put your focus on the user
  • Test everything before and after launch
  • Work closely with social media to connect to your customers
  • Incorporate social elements such as reviews and testimonials to increase trust and transparency
  • Go mobile with a mobile-first approach
  • Stay on top of SEO to stand out above your competition
  • Collect information that can help in future launches
  • Continue evolving in line with customer tastes, trends, and technology
  • Hire WSI Comandix – we are one of the best ecommerce website design and development companies in Toronto and the GTA.

Our expertise includes:

  • Security – Ensuring that your customers’ financial information (and your reputation) is safe from hackers
  • Navigation – Make it easy for your customers to find exactly what they are looking for
  • Integration – Integrate your ecommerce solutions with your backend systems
  • Design – Looks matter! The design of your site will affect how customers view your company

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WSI Comandix can set up a functional, attractive, and effective ecommerce website for your business, utilizing the latest security and design principles. Contact our team at (905) 475-3675 for more information about ecommerce.

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