Developing Inspiring Digital Marketing Strategies that Exceed Your Expectations

WSI Comandix is a digital marketing agency that has an extensive history of helping our clients establish strong competitive profiles and presences in marketing their products and services online.  We strive to become an indispensable marketing partner for all our clients.

The world of sales and marketing has changed dramatically, and continues to change, due to continual advancements and improvements in technology.  Our Digital Marketing Consultants apply their knowledge and expertise in this regard to help our clients obtain and maintain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.


Located in Markham, Ontario, WSI Comandix has been supporting clients throughout Toronto and GTA since 1999.  During that time, we have completed more than 2000 web development and digital marketing projects & we are currently recognized as a Top 3 licensed office within a WSI global network that spans more than 80 countries.


In this fashion, we produce customized digital solutions that will address your specific business goals and help you succeed online.


WSI Comandix takes great pride in helping our clients maximize their investment in digital marketing, whether you:

  • Have yet to employ such a strategy for your business
  • Are relatively new to this marketing stream
  • Want to assess the areas of strength and need within your strategy, and/or
  • Would like to revamp/revitalize your present approach to online promotion

At WSI Comandix, we are committed to helping you through every step of the process as we work together to create your digital marketing plan. These vital steps or phases include:

  • Discovery
  • Analysis
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Tracking and Measurement
  • Ongoing performance improvements

Our Core Values:

  • Loyalty: We are committed to building longstanding relationships based on mutual respect, both within our team and with our clients.
  • Integrity: We act with integrity and honesty in all our business dealings because we believe in the value and importance of fulfilling commitments and promises.
  • Professionalism: We strive to maintain the utmost professionalism in service delivery and communications.
  • Commitment: We are committed to building indispensable business partnerships that deliver sustainable ROI.
  • Quality: We guarantee that we will meet and exceed all industry standards relevant to our services.
  • Education: We believe in the value of continuous education as a source of innovation and growth for our clients and our team.

Within every type of industry, there are a select few providers or suppliers for whom being adequate is simply not sufficient; where meeting customer needs is a minimum requirement rather than the cue to invoice.  At WSI Comandix, we strive to be the digital marketing agency that consistently delivers above and beyond the expectations of our clients.

We accomplish this through a willingness and preparedness to remain in tune with the ever-changing landscape of the internet and to develop inspiring digital marketing strategies that support the business needs and goals of every single client, regardless of your size, scope, or marketplace.

Call us today at 905-475-3675 and tell us about your business needs, goals, and challenges. Your initial consultation is FREE and your subsequent, optional Internet Business Analysis is fully guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied for any reason, you will receive a complete refund with no questions asked.

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