Google Business Profile Management and Optimization

What Is A Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business or GMB, is Google’s equivalent of the phone book. This free platform was created specifically for local search and makes it easy for users in your geographic area to view key details about your business at a glance. What you write and post in your GBP also has a significant impact on where your business appears in relevant search results and on Google Maps.

Why Is A Google Business Profile Important?

Google is the primary touchpoint for most users searching for local businesses these days. The last 2 years have seen a 200% rise in ‘near me’ searches, which today account for over 40% of all searches in Google. When these people search for businesses like yours in your area, Google will display a map of the area and three relevant Google Business Profiles in a prominent position on the side of the page.

This set of three results is called the Google Local Pack, and it is an essential part of local SEO. Users are most likely to click on first-page search results, and the Local Pack is always displayed on the first page. Attaining this coveted placement will significantly boost your local traffic and get you more customers as a result.

What Our Google Business Profile Optimization Service Can Do for You

WSI Comandix offers Google Business Profile optimization services for businesses hoping to take advantage of everything this platform has to offer. Our GBP clients enjoy all of the following benefits.

  • Amplified Presence on Google. Having a GBP allows your business to make it into the Local Pack. This prominent first-page position is excellent for attracting new local leads.
  • Enhanced Listing Engagement. Optimized listings get more attention from the leads that visit them, inviting them to read up on your business and what you have to offer. The more they read, the more likely it is that they will buy from you.
  • Increased Phone Calls, Bookings, and Website Visits. When more people are able to find your business online, many of them will take the time to get in touch with you. You can then use those opportunities to promote your products and services to them.
  • Greater Competitive Advantage. Not all your competitors have harnessed the power of Google Business Profile. Enlisting professional help with optimizing your profile gives you a significant advantage over those who are still lagging behind.
  • Higher Local Rankings. Having a GBP also boosts the local SEO of your business’ website. We know how to use Google Business Profile for SEO, maximizing the benefit of investing in your listing.

Google Business Profile Listing Creation

Setting up a Google Business Profile is a multi-step process. When we provide this service for you, we.

  • Claim Your Profile. Every business is entitled to a unique Google Business Profile. We create yours for you (or claim it if it already exists), establishing the official listing for your company on this critical platform.
  • Set Your Business Address. Your business address will need to be configured differently depending on whether you operate a storefront or serve customers within a particular geographic area. We determine which applies to your business and set this field appropriately.
  • Set Your Location. Like your address, your location must be set following specific guidelines. We set up this part of your profile to accurate reflect the way your business operates.
  • Categorize Your Business. There are over 3000 potential GBP categories, and each business listing can use up to 10 of them. We choose the best category tags for your business to help you get noticed by leads looking for products or services like yours.
  • Add Your Contact Details. Leads who find your profile will want to know how to get in touch with you. We add your contact details in a standardized format to make it easy for leads to reach you by phone or email.
  • Verify Your Business. Becoming a Verified Business can lend additional security and credibility to your Google Business Profile. We take care of the verification process for you so you have one less task to worry about.
  • Monitor for and Delete Duplicates. Occasionally, someone else might create a duplicate listing for your business. We watch the listings to ensure that your business’ official profile is the only one that appears under your name, preserving both your traffic and your company’s integrity.

Google Business Profile Listing Optimization

Our Google local listing optimization services will shape your Google Business Profile into the perfect tool to promote your business. Your finalized info section will include.

  • Your business address
  • Your hours of operation
  • Contact details such as your phone number, email address, and appointment or booking URL (if applicable)
  • Your website address
  • A description of your business and the services you offer
  • The date your business first opened
  • Additional information on your business, including highlights, popular offerings, accessibility options, and more
  • Link and citation building to increase the authority of your listing
  • Profile and background images

Google Business Profile Management

Our Google Business Profile services also include active management of your profile. Some of the things we will handle for you include.

  • Updating your hours of operation for holiday periods
  • Uploading original photos and videos of your business location and/or staff
  • Monitoring of the built-in Insights Panel to discover useful information such as where your traffic is coming from, what queries leads are using to find your business, and how they are interacting with your listing when they find it

Leveraging GBP’s Additional Features

Google Business Profile also offers a few extra features that we can help you take advantage of when promoting your business.

  • GBP Messaging. GBP provides a messaging app that customers can use to text you any questions they might have. Providing customer service through this tool is a good way to get leads to warm up to your business.
  • Google Business Profile Posts. Businesses can post content to Google Business Profile just like they do on similar social media platforms. You can syndicate photo, video, and text content through this channel to draw in more leads.
  • Product Catalog. GBP’s product catalog feature allows you to list the products or services you offer on a dedicated page for customers to browse, giving them a snapshot of what they might find if they visited you in person.
  • The Google Guarantee. Google offers the Google Guarantee program for businesses in selected trades. If your business qualifies and you pass their screening process, any customers who are dissatisfied with your work may be able to claim reimbursement from Google. This makes potential customers more confident in committing to a purchase.
  • Optimization for Voice Search. More and more users are searching for local businesses by voice. Optimizing your GBP profile for voice search will help you secure more local traffic for your business.
  • Q&A Services. Your Google Business Profile includes a Q&A section where you can post your answers to some of the most common questions asked by your customers and leads. This section provides more opportunities for keyword placement and allows you to give your leads more in-depth information about your business.
  • Reviews. GBP also hosts reviews that can be accessed through either your listing or Google Maps. Actively managing and responding to these reviews helps you to shape your business’ reputation and build stronger relationships with your customers.

Make the Most of Google Business Profile with Our Help

Google Business Profile has a lot of marketing value to offer to businesses that know how to use it. WSI Comandix has the expertise you need to put this tool to work for you. After doing the same for countless clients over the years, we know exactly how best to leverage the power of this platform to drive local traffic to your business.

Contact us to learn more about our Google Business Profile optimization services and why it is so important to invest in this key digital marketing channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, all businesses can claim a Google Business Profile free of charge. However, this profile must be actively managed and optimized to reach its full potential as a marketing tool. This is where our Google business profile listing services come in. We create the perfect profile to draw high-value local leads to your business, and we continually update your listing with new posts and media to ensure maximum SEO benefit.

No – not if you want to maximize your business’ reach. Google Business Profile is considered a separate channel from regular search results and having an active presence in both channels is the best way to ensure that your business is discovered by as many users as possible. Our Google Business Profile services offer an easy way to keep your profile managed and up to date for a fraction of the cost of a new website and provide concrete numbers to help you track and confirm the results.

No. Having a Google Business Profile helps to build your web presence, but it cannot provide nearly enough detail on your business to take the place of a website. Use a professionally designed website in combination with an optimized and managed GBP page to produce the best results.

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