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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

Drive Pre-Qualified Customers to your Website with PPC Services

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a method of advertising that places a sponsored ad in the search engines with the aim of attracting potential clients. Because your ad only displays on certain relevant search engine results, the visitors are already pre-qualified and much more likely to make a purchase, submit an inquiry, or book a consultation. Another advantage of utilizing paid search and PPC management for your Toronto or Markham area business is that you can start attracting potential customers immediately – even if your search engine optimization strategy isn’t yet showing promise or needs more time to deliver the right results.

Done correctly, paid search is a highly effective, cost-efficient marketing tool. By only targeting individuals that are searching for your product or service, you ensure that your marketing budget is spent wisely. However, with the wrong keywords, an inexperienced marketer can easily blow their whole budget on large volumes of uninterested traffic and have nothing to show for it.

The key to success is to understand which keywords customers are using when they are interested in making a purchase, while avoiding keywords that are often used simply to seek out free information.

How much could your business benefit from pre-qualified visitors arriving on your website?


WSI Comandix is the Leading PPC management agency in the Greater Toronto Area

With your marketing budget at stake, PPC experience can come at a high price. WSI Comandix is an independently owned and operated franchise of WSI, the global leader in PPC and digital marketing. Based in Markham, we work with a wide range of Toronto businesses to help them set-up PPC campaigns that deliver enviable ROI.

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Our customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fully-optimized ads placed using Google AdWords ensure your business is highly visible
  • Ad spending that never gets out of control
  • We can run local, national, or even international campaigns, targeting only the demographics that will deliver strong ROI
  • PPC works immediately, delivering an almost instantaneous boost to the number of prospects visiting your website
  • Detailed keyword research that finds the inexpensive, yet effective keywords your competitors haven’t thought of yet

Would you like to improve your marketing ROI and generate more high-quality leads? Find out how our Pay-Per-Click Services can help by calling 905-475-3675, or reaching out to us online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our PPC Management Services

How does Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising work?

PPC advertising is a way to get your brand noticed by paying for favourable ad placements on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), social media channels or other sites via the internet. PPC ads target keywords, which are what people are searching for, or audiences that are relevant to your business. When you target a particular keyword, your ad could show at the top of the search results for that keyword, irrespective of what your website’s organic ranking is. When you target audiences, your ad could be shown to them when they are browsing the internet or social media.

Why should I Choose PPC advertising?

PPC advertising offers an effective and quick way to boost your brand’s online presence while you work on implementing longer-term solutions for your business. While SEO could take up to 6 months to a year to take effect, PPC can help you get visibility & engagement immediately.

When should I use PPC management services?

It is most useful to invest in PPC management services when you are trying to quickly achieve high levels of growth in your business. This is most often the case at the beginning of a business’ life cycle or with the addition of a new product or service. However, many companies experience periods of sluggish growth that a marketing agency with strong PPC management experience can resolve. You could use PPC services if you are launching something completely new, for which there won’t be much existing search volume. PPC management services could also help you include multiple ad formats into your marketing mix like images, videos, and GIFs.

What is the click-through rate, and how is it calculated?

The click-through rate (or CTR) of a PPC ad measures how many people click on your ad when they see it. This number provides a rough estimate of the ad’s effectiveness. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks an ad receives by the number of times it was viewed.

What elements go into writing an ad, and how do you test the finished product?

An effective ad grabs its audience’s attention with a bold headline, complements it with striking visuals, and ends with a call-to-action (or CTA) to let the viewer know what they should do next.

Marketers test different versions of each ad (know as split-testing) that they create by modifying various elements such as wording and imagery. The version that performs the best is the one that will remain in use.

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