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When you choose to dedicate financial resources to any digital solution/solutions with WSI Comandix, you can rest assured that a knowledgeable, experienced, and talented team will be working on your campaign or campaigns. We recognize the importance of differentiation from the competition as a key to success, so we dedicate and invest the time to understand your business, your specific market, and your customer base to build campaigns/solutions that deliver the best possible results.


While WSI Comandix has the capabilities to provide a full complement of digital solutions, our team will work together with you to define which solutions would be most appropriate to help achieve your business goals. We will then mold/adapt these solutions to build the ideal digital marketing plan to support your business in establishing:

  • A competitive edge
  • Differential advantages
  • A degree of uniqueness

Our digital solutions focus on five core areas or categories:


It is important to note that some solutions may fall under more than one category or may not fit entirely into any single core area; as such, these categories are merely intended as a general guideline to segment the many digital solutions that can be developed by our team.


Within the current economic landscape, it has become essential for businesses to establish a digital presence through a publicly accessible and informative website. This is because the internet, in general terms, is often the resource that consumers rely upon for information when they are looking for a particular product or service. Therefore, it is very important that the website generates a positive first impression for the business and its products or services in the eyes of these potential customers.


It is equally important that your website is built on a solid and flexible platform that allows for future expansion. WSI Comandix specializes in custom WordPress development and can also work with other popular Content Management Systems (CMS) if required. Our experienced Production Team prides itself in rigorous Quality Assurance and Testing procedures, assuring the highest quality coding.

Our site solutions include customer-focused campaigns such as landing page optimization and content marketing, which businesses can utilize to make that positive first impression, talk about the differential advantages of their products or services, and encourage potential customers to make a purchase or request further assistance.

Analytics also falls within the site category because it is critically important to measure:

  • Overall website activity or visitor traffic
  • How visitors respond to/act on landing pages
  • How well the content captures or engages their attention


Search marketing involves the use of internet search engines to attract potential customers to your website by:

  • Highlighting or emphasizing specific aspects of your business, products, and/or services
  • Posting content relevant to popular search queries
  • Providing information/answers to basic inquiries that can influence their buying decision

The search solutions offered by WSI Comandix include:

Such campaigns are designed to attract more traffic/visits to your website and subsequently generate more sales leads and conversion opportunities – and to increase your profits.


There is little to no doubt that the use of social media is becoming increasingly popular and widespread, literally on a daily basis.  As adoption and usage rates escalate across all of the major social platforms, business owners are capitalizing on these avenues to directly access and communicate with their clients:


The social digital solutions provided by WSI Comandix encompass the major social media platforms, as well as e-mail marketing and video marketing, which businesses can apply to help increase brand awareness and engage/interact with their target audiences to attract and retain customers.


Mobile solutions are quite often a composite of elements from the other core areas of site, search, and social. This is made possible by the fact that accessibility is readily available on mobile or hand-held devices as well as stationary/cable-connected computers.

As the use of mobile devices (e.g.: smartphones and tablets) has grown exponentially, and continues to expand, potential customers can and are regularly searching the internet and accessing social media platforms at all times of the day and from many different locations away from home or work i.e.: when they are mobile or ‘on the move’.

Aimed at engaging these mobile customers, the WSI Comandix mobile solutions include:

  • Mobile marketing
  • Responsive web design

To help develop your custom Digital Marketing Plan, we offer a FREE initial consultation followed by an Internet Business Analysis (IBA).  Call us today to discuss your needs at 905-475-3675.

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