Digital Marketing Partner Program (DMPP) – Our Best Selling & Most Successful Integrated Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing is an essential component of a good marketing plan, and critical to attracting and retaining customers. But what if you, like many other growing businesses, struggle to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends, strategies, and tactics?

Without a steady investment in the development and implementation of your digital marketing strategy, you can quickly fall behind hard-nosed rivals and lose key customers. Poorly performing marketing campaigns or websites can damage your reputation and sales.

At WSI Comandix, we have developed our Digital Marketing Partner Program, or DMPP, to provide businesses like yours with all the support you need to take your online marketing to the next level of performance and results.

Delivered by dedicated professionals with experience launching thousands of websites and online campaigns, this program is ideal for companies who want the benefits of an entire digital marketing team without straining their payroll. Does that sound like your business?

What Is Our Digital Marketing Partner Program (DMPP)?

WSI Comandix’s DMPP is our flat-fee retainer-based digital marketing service program. It is designed to simplify the process for the client while providing flexible solutions and maximum ROI for businesses with ongoing digital marketing needs.

The packages cover all essential components of digital marketing, including website maintenance, content creation, SEO, paid marketing, email marketing, hosting, and webmaster services. We provide each of our digital marketing partners with a mix of services that fit the agreed-upon retainer and help them meet their unique marketing goals.

We offer:

  • Cost-Effective, Predictably Priced Services. Financial planning and cost control are major concerns for most small- and medium-sized businesses. Our services provide measurable results and clear return on investment (ROI) while being consistently priced, allowing our clients to easily fit them into their monthly spending goals.
  • Paired Marketing and Technological Services. Digital marketing is equal parts marketing expertise and technological savvy. Working with us gives you access to a team with both competencies. This allows us to confidently implement effective cutting-edge strategies that leverage the power of new digital tools, driving higher revenue for your business.
  • Strategic Planning Capabilities. Digital marketing is a process that takes time to come to full fruition. We can create a long-term marketing strategy for your business that builds upon previous successes to generate momentum for your brand throughout your program.
  • A One-Stop Digital Marketing Shop. Many different services go into executing a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, including web maintenance, copywriting, social media management, and customized marketing services. Partnering with us eliminates the need for you to find individual companies or freelancers to take on each of these tasks. We have the expertise needed to handle any request with ease.
  • Flexibility for One-Off Requests. Do you have a new marketing idea you want to try without committing to it as a permanent part of your strategy? We can help you with that. With our digital marketing team supporting you, you can experiment with different approaches and discover which ones work best for your business.
  • Higher ROI. You can count on our digital marketing services to attract more leads, increase sales, and ultimately drive higher revenue for your business.

How Our Partner Program Works

  • Step 1: Select the monthly retainer you are comfortable with. This will determine which DMPP package will be customized for your company’s needs.
  • Step 2: We perform our initial setup and onboarding process, which includes the drafting of a complete business success strategy, known as the Unique Solutions Blueprint.
  • Step 3: We begin implementing the DMPP, reviewing the effectiveness over time to ensure that it continues to provide the maximum ROI.

Depending on your needs, your DMPP package may include:

  • Extensive marketing services, including social media marketing, SEO, and PPC
  • Professional copywriting that will help attract and convert new clients
  • Setup and integration of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • A robust measurement and reporting framework
  • Full project management and access to a skilled team of digital marketing consultants available to help you grow your business
  • Hosting, SSL certificates, and web maintenance
  • Consulting
  • Web master services
  • And much more

Benefits of Our Digital Marketing Partner Program

When you partner with us, we become your fractional marketing team. Here are some of the things you can expect from us throughout your program.

  • We Provide A Mature Marketing Development Infrastructure. We have the technology, knowledge and staff needed to handle any digital marketing project. This allows us to reliably complete milestones on time and execute ambitious multi-part strategies that provide superior results.
  • We Plan Strategically for Your Company’s Future. The digital marketing solutions we provide work to enhance your brand both now and in the coming years. We adapt our services to keep up with industry best practices and the changing digital landscape.
  • We Have Extensive Experience in The Digital Marketing Industry. We are a team of seasoned professionals with proven skills and a diverse portfolio featuring multiple award-winning projects. We are always observing emerging market trends so that we can provide cutting-edge service for our clients.
  • We Are Always Here When You Need Us. We know how vital responsiveness is to good digital marketing, and we provide it for our clients. Whether your website is down after hours or you need a last-minute social media post to promote your new sale, we are here to help.
  • We Have Unparalleled Knowledge of The Digital Marketing Industry. This discipline is constantly evolving, and so are we. We know what digital marketing techniques have worked well in the past and which are showing promise now, allowing us to create a sure-fire strategy for your brand.
  • We Run the DMPP As A Flat-Fee Retainer Program. This allows for easy and predictable financial planning, which is a must for businesses looking to calculate their monthly expenditure.

Our DMPP Package Options

Our digital marketing agency offers DMPP membership at the following tiers.

Package LevelYour Investment
First Month*Monthly Retainer**
BoldCAD $3,500CAD $1,500
RobustCAD $3,500CAD $3,000
DominationCAD $3,500CAD $4,500

* One-time fee includes initial setup and Unique Solutions Blueprint Development.
** Monthly retainer is for a 24-month term. 30 days’ notice is required for cancellation.
*** Media Ad Spend is not included in the retainer.
**** All Prices In Canadian Dollars Plus Applicable Taxes.

Bold – It is perfect for small yet developing businesses with a strong hunger for results.

Robust – Our most popular option. This package is ideal for businesses with an established online presence who are looking to achieve better results.

Domination – It is ideal for established businesses willing to make larger investments and seek fast impactful results.

Custom – This package caters to businesses whose needs are not covered by any of the three tiers listed above. Whether your vision is big or small, we would be happy to put together a custom package that delivers the digital marketing impact you are looking for.

Grow Your Business with a Leading Digital Marketing Agency

WSI Comandix is a leading digital marketing agency in Markham. When you work with us, you will have the knowledge and skills of digital marketing experts available to you when you need us. We handle your digital marketing needs so your team can focus on your core business services.

Is your website failing to deliver? Does your team lack the time or expertise required to fully take advantage of the marketing benefits available online?

WSI Comandix can help with the strategic design and development of your web properties by implementing a Digital Marketing Plan to ensure your online success. Contact us today at (905) 475-3675 for more information on our DMPP service.

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  • “WSI Comandix is a highly capable Digital Marketing company, who take a personal and passionate interest in your business and success. Mike, Peter and the team at WSI Comandix take responsibility for results. This is in contrast to most D.M. companies that we encountered. I highly recommend WSI Comandix, and suggest to anyone new to Digital Marketing, educate yourself first. There are a lot of false claims out there in the Digital Marketing universe. Don’t get taken advantage of.”

    Dave Geiss - Officescape Markham

  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike and the WSI team for over 6 years and a variety of projects, big and small, for Herjavec Group. From entire website redesigns to ad-hoc support and development, WSI is always responsive, professional and knowledgeable. They remain my #1 trusted resource for web initiatives and an extension of our team.”

    Kaleigh Tait - Herjavec Group

  • “The team at WSI has been an absolute dream to work with. They spent countless hours learning about our company and our clients before laying the foundation of design. We received ongoing support and what seemed to be like endless changes until our website was exactly what we needed. All changes were made quickly, and responses from the team were timely. Our lead generation from google has tripled since we published our new and improved website. We are incredibly happy with the end result. I would suggest WSI to anyone that needs a website!”

    Jessica Payne - Helping Hands Doula

  • “WSI Comandix has progressively produced month over month starting with a small-scale campaign / budget and as results started to appear, I have increased to a larger scale campaign which has been rewarding. New customers are finding our brand and are engaging for highly profitable project opportunities.”

    Sam Beninato - renoWOW!

  • “WSI/Comandix is that digital campaign manager. When you have principal Peter Jasniewski and Senior Project Manager Mike Gualtieri on your marketing team you will have unquestionably the best campaign outcome for your digital dollars. They will propose, suggest, educate and implement for you and your entire team.”

    David Hirsh - Brandy Lane Homes


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