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Web Conversion Services from WSI Comandix Turn Visitors into Customers with Conversion Architecture

An illustration showing a webpage, a stop watch and a hand with a watch on it depicting web conversion rateHaving a great Ecommerce Website Design and driving targeted traffic is a great first step, but for long-term success, it is essential that your website converts those prospects into paying customers. This is where WSI Conversion Architecture™ comes into play: the art of defining your business goals and then optimizing every part of your website to achieve them.

Conversion Architecture is based on the philosophy that every single page on your website needs to move visitors closer to taking the desired action. This action could be anything from making a purchase, booking a consultation, or even signing up for your newsletter.

To do this, the web conversion services team at WSI Comandix uses every possible resource available, from persuasive sales copy and stunning images to advanced conversion tools such as live chat. By utilizing a multitude of techniques, we provide a range of opportunities for your customers to start interacting, appealing to several different user profiles. Overall, your website will start seeing greater customer conversions and repeat traffic.

Is every page on your website encouraging visitors to take action?

A FREE WSI Comandix consultation about web conversion services will reveal the vital elements that can be added to your website to increase interaction and conversion.

Web Conversion Services Focused on Conversion Architecture

Based in Markham, WSI Comandix provides lead conversion services for Toronto businesses that are serious about converting every prospect into a loyal customer. By working closely with your team to establish your business goals and understanding your customer profiles, we can suggest and implement strategies that are best suited for your business.

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Our conversion optimization team uses industry-leading best practice to ensure your website reaches its full potential:

  • Planning – Establish your business goals, research customer profiles, and monitor current customer behaviour
  • Identify opportunities – Establish key areas for improvement and develop custom conversion strategies for your website
  • Implementation – Our team of specialists will implement your chosen strategies
  • Tracking & Tweaking – We track your conversion rate and tweak elements on your site to ensure it keeps improving.

Would you like to convert more visitors into loyal customers? For more information about how Conversion Architecture can help, call WSI Comandix today at 905-475-3675 or contact us online to request a free consultation.

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