Our Team of Digital Marketing Experts is Standing By to Help Grow Your Business

Whether you are prepared to begin the process of developing or revamping your digital marketing plan, or you have some general questions about your how business can capitalize on the opportunities offered by internet marketing, our WSI Comandix team is ready, willing, and very capable to help.

We are extremely proud of the work that we produce on behalf of our clients and will bring this same level of passion and commitment to our discussions with you to help achieve the best results possible for your business.


Meet Your WSI Comandix Digital Marketing Team

  • Peter Jasniewski Peter Jasniewski

    Peter Jasniewski

    President, CEO, Digital
    Marketing Professional

  • Mike Gualtieri Mike Gualtieri

    Mike Gualtieri

    VP of Operations

  • Lenny Dingemans Lenny Dingemans

    Lenard Dingemans

    Project Manager

  • team-pic-gen team-pic-gen

    Stuart Pereira

    Campaign Manager / PPC

  • team-pic-gen team-pic-gen

    Taryn Smith

    Content Manager

  • team-pic-gen team-pic-gen

    Max Jasniewski

    Brand Manager

  • team-pic-gen team-pic-gen

    Harsh Singh

    Web Project Manager

  • team-pic-gen team-pic-gen

    Jack Porter-Smith

    Paid Advertising Strategist

  • team-pic-gen team-pic-gen

    Robert Para

    Independent Consultant

  • team-pic-gen team-pic-gen

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In addition to our Markham-based team, WSI Comandix offers additional resources and support through WSI’s corporate production and delivery infrastructure that consists of:

  • 14 Production and Solution Centres
  • 16 Authorized Suppliers
  • 2 Data Centres

You can rest assured that your digital marketing plan is being developed and supported by an extensive network of specialists who are fully committed to help you achieve your goals.

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