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When you visit a shopping mall, every outlet has its own distinctive signage, colour scheme, floor plan, and logo. Businesses do this so that they stand out from their competitors and are easily recognizable. Many shoppers will instinctively recognize and visit their favourite store, even when the branding isn’t obvious.

Using a search engine is the online equivalent of walking through a shopping mall. The difference is that, unlike its physical counterpart, the search engine allows for very little in the way of customization – every business shows up on the list in the same font and text size.

This means the most significant way of choosing which site to visit is the position in the list of results. This is why search engine optimization is so important.

With little to distinguish your business on the search engine results page, it is much harder to stand out from the crowd online. In order to do so, you need to work hard to become one of the top listed results for the keywords your customers are using. So many customers now use search engines to find products and services that the success or failure of many businesses (both brick and mortar, and purely online ones) is dependent on “getting noticed” on these results pages.

We use our expertise in Internet marketing strategies to help clients attract more traffic, increase quality and quantity of leads, and generate greater profits.


At WSI Comandix, our search solutions help your business get noticed by the consumers using search engines to find products and services that you provide. We begin by performing a thorough and systematic analysis to help your team and ours understand the following:

  • Where they rank in Google searches versus your business
  • What needs to be done to get you ranked ahead of them
  • What your competitors are doing with their online marketing

It takes a little time to complete this in-depth research, but the results are worth it. By determining these aspects first, we can design a solid strategy that will yield impressive results.


Typically, there are three main ways to improve the way you market yourself through the search engines. After the initial research and consultation process, we will make a recommendation about where the focus should be for your business:

  • Search Engine Optimization – We optimize your website so that search engines rank you higher than the competition. This could include changes to the structure of your website, updating the code, or adding in important capabilities, such as responsive design.
  • Updating Content – Search engines are getting increasingly sophisticated at checking whether content is good, relevant and meaningful, or not. If your content is out-of-date, filled with mistakes, or lacking in quantity or detail, you may be penalized. Our professional copywriting services ensure that every bit of your content is optimized to impress both search engines and customers.
  • Local Search Optimization – For many businesses, the only customers you need are local ones. If this is the case, your SEO needs to reflect this, targeting local customers using relevant local search queries.

WSI Comandix can help you attain this ultimate goal by building the right search solution to get your business noticed in Google searches.  Call 1-905-475-3675 today – and let’s get started!

Digital Marketing Services to Acquire More Leads and Sales


  • SEO Audit

  • PPC Audit

  • SEO

  • PPC (Paid Advertising)

  • Remarketing

  • Display Advertising

If you want to rank highly for relevant keywords and draw in new prospects, a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization audit is what you need. It allows you to analyze your website, uncover any shortcomings in your digital marketing strategy, adopt measures to improve and capitalize on traffic and achieve better online results.


Conducting an audit of your paid marketing campaigns is the best way to dig into your PPC account and identify areas that need improvement and capitalize on the available opportunities. It can help maximize efficiency across your ad accounts based on essential aspects such as goals, target audience, budget, and more, to deliver the desired outcomes.


If you want to optimize your website, ensure it ranks higher in the search results, and enhance your online presence, Search Engine Optimization is your best bet. It is an extensive process of keyword research, producing compelling, user-oriented content, creating high-quality backlinks, and more, to maximize your website’s potential and drive more online traffic.


Paid marketing, or PPC advertising, is an essential means of driving more organic traffic to your website. It is a cost-efficient marketing method that can boost your business instantaneously if done correctly. Working with PPC experts can help you create responsive ads to bring pre-qualified visitors, drive sales, and make your campaign a sure success!


If you want a way to engage your online customers, remarketing is a great digital marketing technique to connect with users who previously interacted with your website. It can help you identify the visitors who are perfect for retargeting, enhance your brand visibility by positioning your ads strategically, and convert visitors into buyers.



If you want to increase the number of returning customers, display advertising is an excellent means to accomplish this. It helps you to deliver targeted ads specifically for users who have viewed your website previously or are looking for a similar service or product that you offer. Working with experts can help you get attractive visuals to target customers and drive more sales.


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