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Toronto is a rapidly growing city with a vibrant population that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. With a population of over 6 million, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the most populous metropolitan area in Canada. As one of the most multicultural cities globally, Toronto is recognized as an international hub for finance, business, arts, and culture.

SEO in Toronto

This city has everything to offer, from information technology, telecommunication, film production, manufacturing and, of course, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in Toronto – the most competitive market in North America. Toronto also has businesses in all shapes and sizes, from large enterprises to your local mom-and-pop store. An effective SEO strategy can help you target your most relevant audience and ensure your business is visible when your potential customers are searching for your products or services online.

Toronto SEO Services – Why is SEO Important?

Every digital marketing strategy that wants to be successful must incorporate organic search engine optimization (SEO) services. SEO makes your online presence visible to your potential customers who could be specifically looking for your products and services. Your target audience could find you through Search Engines, saving you the costs of traditional promotional and advertising methods.

SEO is quite effective when done right and can help your website rank for many different phrases and terms used by your customers in search engines. The increased organic traffic from SEO can equal the same level of traffic attained through paid means in both cost and longevity. Most businesses that use our Toronto SEO services continue to get increasing organic traffic and lead generation for years, while paying the same marketing fee for their services each month.

It has been shown that businesses that rank on the first page of Google will see a higher number of qualified leads and sales. Because of this, working with an agency to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy to get you ranked and visible will offer the best ROI, especially when looking at long-term results.

Work with a Leading Toronto SEO Company.

Our SEO services are designed to effectively use all best practice SEO factors to raise your rankings in search engine results. This gives you more qualified traffic, higher visibility and more conversions over time. With two decades of experience and our unique tools and resources, we can custom design your next SEO campaign to suit the specific needs of your business. Our natural growth SEO strategy takes into consideration all the elements that Search Engines consider important and are adaptable as algorithms change.

SEO in Toronto

On-Page SEO Optimization

At this stage, we analyze the vital steps and components that go into building a high functioning and ‘SEO Effective’ website. These steps are as follows:

  • Structure the Website with SEO in Mind – We create an easy to use and aesthetically pleasing site architecture that not only makes it easier for customers, but also for search engine crawlers.
  • Value the User Experience – We strive to ensure webpages live up to their value propositions and create a pleasant experience for the user.
  • Create New Page Titles to Cater to Both Audience and Keywords – Using Title Tags, H1 tags and Keyword Phrases, we create titles to appeal to and reach the target audience along with giving relevant information to search engines.
  • Interlink the Pages – We interlink internal pages and provide outbound links in a way that gives the user valuable information and insight.
  • Optimize for Results – We create the desire for users to contact you by stating your value and encouraging them to act with Call to Action (CTA) statements.

Off-Page SEO and Link Building

Although on-page strategies can give you considerable results, you also need to implement a consolidated off-page strategy focusing on content marketing, social media exposure and link building. You achieve this through:

  • Investing in quality content that your audience likes to engage with.
  • Commenting on blog posts within your niche to offer additional insight as an authoritative figure. This will also earn you exposure.
  • Posting news articles or press releases on reputable PR (press release) websites.
  • Guest posting and contributing to popular blogs with valuable content and incorporating links back to your site.
SEO in Toronto


1. Can Ads on My Site Affect the SEO Ranking of My Site?

Yes. While placing a few ads on your website’s header or sidebar can be an effective way to defray some of the costs of running the site, adding too many will detract from the user experience and cause your rankings to fall. This is a delicate balance to strike. Consult with your SEO agency to determine the best way to incorporate ads into your website layout without causing negative effects.

2. Will My Site Always Stay on Top of the Rankings Once You Have Optimized It?

No. SEO is an ongoing process that requires active engagement to maintain results. Your SEO firm will give you a strong SEO foundation to start with. After that, you will need to continue publishing content and tweaking your website to continue your upward trajectory. If you do not have the time or expertise to do this, you must invest in more Toronto SEO services.

3. Do You Also Help in Building Websites?

WSI Comandix offers separate web design services you can purchase if needed. Generally, SEO companies do not build websites, but they may implement changes to your website’s copy, performance, and layout to achieve compliance with SEO best practices.

4. Do You Work with Shopify Websites and Provide eCommerce SEO Services in Toronto?

Yes. Our SEO experts are well-versed in the Shopify platform as well as several others like WooCommerce and Wix. We will optimize your website according to best practices for SEO in Toronto, no matter what platform you are using to operate your ecommerce portal.

5. Do You Provide Content Creation and Marketing Services?

Yes. As a leading SEO agency in Toronto, we recognize the importance of strong content marketing to maintain SEO results. We create blog posts and social media posts to keep your website climbing the ranks.

Why Choose WSI Comandix?

  • We Grow Our Business by Growing Yours – Your success is our success. When your business does well, so does ours.
  • We Have Dedicated Account Managers – You will have a personal contact for all your SEO needs. This personal touch can make all the difference.
  • We Are A Leading Boutique SEO Services Company in Toronto – We take your unique needs and goals into account rather than use a standard SEO services template like many other agencies. We take the time to understand your business, your needs, and your objectives.
  • We Employ Cutting Edge Technology – This helps us keep up with the rapidly changing SEO ranking algorithm and ensures that you have the edge over your competition.

How Do We Do It?

  • Initial Consultation – to understand your business, your needs and where you want to be.
  • An In-Depth SEO Audit – to see where your digital presence is falling short and how our SEO services can improve your business.
  • Creating A Customized Action Plan – based on knowledge from the SEO audit and your needs and objectives. We combine high-quality original content with the latest SEO techniques and white hat backlinking programs that make your site stand out in search algorithms.
  • Monthly Reporting – information on all key performance indicators is sent to you by your dedicated account manager to highlight progress, areas that need more attention, and proposals to accelerate success.
  • Agile Responses – as an award-winning boutique Toronto SEO Company with 20 years of experience, we can quickly and very effectively respond to changes in the market and SEO best practices.

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