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Project Discovery Survey

WSI Project Discovery Survey is an important first step in assessing your needs and project scope.
Please rank the statements below in terms of importance or relevance to you, so we can ensure that we make the best use of your time during our Project Discovery Meeting.

If a statement does not apply to your business or industry, please leave it blank.

Your Marketing Activities

Are you satisfied with your current marketing plan and results?
Do you have a specific growth target set for this year?
Who is responsible to achieve this target?
Do you have a budget assigned to achieve this additional growth?
If YES, please specify your marketing budget:
Who drives the growth activities?
If you had a growth plan that was reasonable to achieve your goals within your budget, how soon would you be ready to implement it?
Rate your business’s ability to measure the success of its marketing activities.
How satisfied are you with the relationship you have with your current Internet Marketing Provider?

Your Online Presence

How satisfied are you with your current website?
Rate your website’s ability to make a positive impression on new customers.
Rate the quality of leads/business your website generates today.
Rate your business’s ability to measure the goals and results of its website.
What are your expectations of a Digital Marketing Agency?

Your Customers

Rate your business’s ability to retain customers.
How easy is it for new customers to find you online?
Rate your business’s ability to generate new leads.
How satisfied do you think customers are with your business?
How likely are your customers to give you a referral?
Rate your business’s ability to keep customers informed of new products, services, special promotions or events.

Your Competition

Who do you consider your main online competition? (please provide 3-5 companies/website addresses (URL's)
How do you rate the online visibility and presence of your main competitors?
How do you rate their online marketing strategies?

Your Business

How satisfied are you with the current success of your business?
Rate your business’s ability to overcome its current challenges.
Additional Information
(Info you would like to share to make the most of our meeting)

General Information

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