Your Website Design Seldom Gets a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

When potential clients use the Internet to research or find a business, product, or service, they do so with specific expectations in mind. For example, they might urgently require a specific piece of information, or they may be seeking to assess which vendor communicates a high level of quality and expertise.

When these searches bring potential clients to your website, they immediately begin to form an impression about your company and your products or services. If the information they are provided with does not answer their questions or meet their expectations, they will very quickly take their search elsewhere – it only takes a second to click back to the search engine and try another business.


With more and more consumers relying on the Internet rather than physically traveling from place to place to comparison shop, your website is a direct reflection of your business. Given the speed with which online users click on and click away, your website design will seldom get a second chance to make a positive first impression.

Increase Leads by Partnering with a Top Markham Website Design Company

In today’s technology-driven marketplace, your company’s Internet presence is just as important as your physical presence.  You need more than just an electronic business card – you need a feature-rich, fully-functional website that creates positive first impressions and gives site visitors and potential clients what they want and expect regarding information and service.

stand out from the rest

At WSI Comandix, we believe that local Markham and Toronto businesses can access better opportunities and generate more revenue through effective online marketing. Our teams of experts provide clients with the online marketing clout of a much larger business, ensuring that a first impression is all they need to secure new leads and customers.

From website design to content marketing and all aspects of digital marketing, our team specializes in a wide spectrum of services. We will create a web package with the level of quality you need to attain and exceed your goals. Count on us to help you meet the expectations of your site visitors and potential clients. 

Enhance Your Online Credibility with a Custom Website Design

Does your cookie-cutter website look just like every other site in your industry? Our website design services will get your business noticed through:

  • High-quality content and design that attracts visitors and retains their interest
  • Fully-optimized landing pages to produce more conversions
  • Unique marketing campaigns supported by advanced analytics

Responsive Design Captures On-The-Go Customers

Your customers are looking for your products and services using their mobile, tablet, and desktop. But, if your website doesn’t have a responsive design, you will frustrate many of these mobile users because they will not be able to view your website properly.

A responsive website design ensures that any pages your visitors view are suitable for the resolution and screen size of the device they are using. 40% of consumers ignore a site when it doesn’t display correctly – can you afford to ignore these customers?

Make Effective Marketing Decisions by Harnessing Website Analytics

Unless you understand what is working and what’s not, making changes to your website can be a hit or miss. By measuring and tracking the behaviour of your customers, we can gain a better understanding of what is not working and make improvements accordingly. Without this data, making changes to your website can make the problem worse and waste time. For instance, there is no point redoing the content if it is your navigation that is holding you back. Comprehensive website analytics will help define action steps to make your site perform better, drive more traffic and convert more leads.

Our Ultimate Goal is to Increase Your Customer Conversion Rate

To be completely effective, a web package needs to address all of these elements:

internet presence
attracting visitors to website
positive first impression
clear and concise messages
converting visitors into customers

WSI Comandix offers an interactive demonstration on strategies for improving conversion rates and how that can result in increased revenues and greater profitability.

Call 1-905-475-3675 today to book your no-obligation demonstration and ask for more information on our website design services.

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