Competitor Analysis

Need An Ear to the Ground?
Competitor Analysis Gives You Vital Insights to Capture Your Market

Competition is an unfortunate fact of business: for every customer you are trying to capture, there are 5, 10, or more businesses trying to get their attention first. These other businesses have a significant impact on your SEO efforts because they will be competing for the same audience, using the same keywords, and the level of competition directly correlates with the effort you’ll need to put in to rank well.

Of course, your competitors aren’t static milestones just waiting to be overtaken: they have their own marketing strategies that will compete with yours. What may have been a safe keyword, or what was once “low-hanging fruit” may later come under strong competition, which is why competitor analysis should be an ongoing concern for businesses aiming to secure top positions in their local market.

By working with your local Markham experts, you can gain exclusive insights about your competitor’s strategies, to ensure you turbo-charge your search engine optimization initiatives and profit from your internet presence.

Our Competitor Analysis assesses the strengths and weaknesses of both your current and potential competitors. This analysis will provide a context in which you can identify both opportunities and threats within your industry.

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Conduct Intelligent SEO Powered by Professional Competitive Analysis

WSI Comandix provides premium digital marketing and SEO services for Internet-savvy businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.


Our Competitor Analysis includes:

  • Identifying and assessing current and future competitors according to the threat they pose to your business
  • Analyzing your competitor’s keywords and identifying strategies to ensure your business pages top the search engine rankings
  • Assessing competitive conversion strategies and looking for opportunities
  • Researching competitor social media presence and success
  • The creation of customized strategy recommendations and Digital Marketing Plan, based on your competitive landscape

An investment in a professional Competitor Analysis will ensure that your SEO and marketing budget will be used effectively and efficiently. Let your Internet marketing budget deliver greater ROI with insights that matter.

Competitor analysis is an essential component of digital strategy today. WSI Comandix can prepare a complete assessment of your competitors and help your business ensure it has a competitive marketing plan and search engine optimization strategy. Contact the team at WSI Comandix—call (905) 475-3675 today.

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