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How Effective Web Site Development Can Boost Your Online Presence

Summary: Having a strong online presence is important. Building your website with the highest standards for design and development can boost your online presence.

With more and more businesses, both small and large, embracing the use of digital marketing and online channels, the importance of having a strong online presence has never been more pertinent.  88% of consumers research product information online before making a purchase, accessing websites, both your own and your competition’s before making a purchase decision. Simply building a website will not create an effective online presence or make much impact, as some business owners and leaders may believe. There are several things to consider before you can achieve a substantial web presence, and even when you do, you also need to actively maintain it. There are many factors that go into creating the best online experience for your customers online, which include having a fully functioning website, a smooth user experience, applying the right SEO techniques and consistently updating your website with ongoing market trends. This is a sure way to ensure that your website is successful.

How Effective Web Site Development Can Boost Your Online Presence

How does web design help drive new business?

Start by thinking of your website as your leading 24/7 salesperson. Your website makes the first impression for your potential customers. If your first impression (web design) is positive, the visitors will stick around to discover more. If it is negative, they will not hesitate to leave immediately and seek what they were looking for elsewhere (eg. your competitors). 94% of people’s first impressions on a website are design related. Additionally, 90% of website visitors will continue shopping because of good web design.

Web design could make or break your business

Good online advertising attracts the right audience, but a good and effective web design goes a long way in converting your traffic into leads. Your website should tackle your customer’s pain-points, answer their queries and provide them with an overall smooth and user-friendly experience. Core factors such as usability, ease of navigation and a simplified process for engagement should all be considered. Make it easy for your customers – we live in a world where everything is at our fingertips, and web users don’t have the time or patience to be frustrated with bad web design. Even though it requires you to make an investment, it is one that will surely pay off by improving your overall profitability.

Get Professional Web Site Development in Toronto

A professional web development and design agency will be able to provide you with the following important elements for your website:

Streamlined Navigation

Navigation plays a vital role in web site development and design, particularly if you have a large site or multiple service or product offerings. Navigation is the sitemap to keep your site organized – let your users find what they want easily!  A simplified, intuitive and organized navigation bar improves the user experience, helping them understand your website and find what they want more effectively.

Visible Content and Images

Content and visual design work hand-in-hand in website development. Customers are more inclined to remember content that is simple, concise, easy to read, and relatable. Avoid the trap of cluttered content by streamlining your content with great design. Use fonts and other typographic details to make your website more appealing.

Brand Permanence

Every business has a unique identity that sets them apart – your logo, logo colours etc. It is important that your web design compliments and reinforces your brand including brand items such as signage, stationery, logo colours, typography etc. Customers appreciate a consistent brand experience. As a matter of fact, a consistent brand presentation has been shown to increase revenue by up to 33%. Your website design sets the pace in this regard.

More Customer Engagement

Good web site design that entices visitors is the beginning of customer engagement journey. Your website should feed the eyes of the visitors and compel them to engage with your services.

Organized Content and SEO-Friendly

Website visitors read website content like books (left to right and top to bottom). Using this concept, you can set a reading pattern that presents informative content about your business in the right areas to increase engagement and conversion. Investing in SEO will make your website more noticeable and reachable.

Our Web Site Development Services Include:

Front-End Web Site Development

We build websites that prioritize customer experience and bring together design and functionality to drive more traffic, increase conversions, and boost sales.

Back-End Web Site Development

We will plan and develop a logical site architecture that meets the needs of your business. Our team makes sure your website functions as you need it to from all aspects (customized features, dynamic modules, easy-of-management, and site scalability).

Mobile Optimization

With mobile devices being used for online searches and shopping more than ever before, we build responsive websites that work and look great on any screen, delivering a seamless experience across all devices.

Plugins & Integrations

Our team can link your POS, ERP, and Retail Management System with your website to improve how users interact with your site and deliver a superior experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Web Site Development and Design

What is included in web site development?

Web site development refers to the process of creating, building, and maintaining websites. It entails web design, web programming, web publishing, and database management.

What other web site development services does your web development and design agency offer?

  • Website AuditThis is a comprehensive analysis of all vital aspects that affect your website’s online visibility and performance. Our Webscan tool gives you the thorough assessment that you need to create a reliable and compelling website as well as enhance your digital reach.
  • Website DesignThe WSI Comandix team creates user-friendly websites with functional designs and engaging layout to help make the best first impression possible through a combination of attractive graphics and informative content.
  • Custom Web Site DevelopmentGreat website design requires an equally great foundation in the form of accurate code in order to be effective. Our custom website development service gives you a unique site that reflects your values, aligns with your business goals and meets unique customer needs.
  • eCommerceOur eCommerce website development service employs the best practices to create a professional online store that enhances your online presence, boosts sales and inspires growth.

How Can I Find Web Development Services Near Me?

Contact WSI Comandix today to start a discussion on how we can take your web design & development to the next level and promote your business. We are an award-winning web site development and design agency in Canada with 20+ years of experience providing web site development and design services to businesses in all industries.

Reach Out to Us to Develop and Design Your Website

The importance of web site development and design cannot be overstated. You need a great, customer-focused website if you are to attract more customers and improve your brand awareness and reputation which can contribute to increased profitability. Contact our web site development and design agency today to talk to one of our experts and get started on unlocking your website’s full potential into a sales magnet.

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