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Why You Should Work with a Web Design Company for Your Project

Summary: The importance of having a strong online presence cannot be overstated. For a business to succeed, you need a professional website.

The importance of having a strong online presence cannot be overstated in the current digital age. For a business to succeed in this modern and competitive marketplace, you must invest into a professional website. A website is more than just your digital presence. It is the backbone of all your digital marketing efforts, an avenue to showcase your brand, an opportunity to demonstrate what you do, attract customers, and encourage them to take action.

You need a website that marries form and functionality. One that delivers exceptional customer experience and exudes sophistication and elegance. A website that is built on and integrates advanced, modern technology capable of growing your business.

Why You Should Work with a Web Design Company for Your Project

WSI Comandix is a leading web design company with an incredible team of Toronto-based design and development specialists. We are experts at creating a strong and credible online presence that captures the imagination, drives user behaviour, and converts visitors into loyal customers.

Boost Your Brand Image with Inbound Marketing, Brand Strategy, Web Development and Content Creation

WSI Comandix is an exemplary website design company. We are driven to help you expand your reach, gain leads and realize your business goals through our full suite of digital marketing services, including brand strategy and inbound marketing. Our expertise also includes:

All these services are designed to help businesses thrive.

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How Important Is the Design of Your Website?

Most of a customer’s first impressions of a website are design related. While quality content does matter a lot, the first thing that your customers notice is your website’s structure and design. If the first impression is positive, it gives your business credibility and legitimacy in the customer’s mind. For this reason, a professional-quality website significantly increases its effectiveness as your company’s virtual storefront and in converting site visitors to customers.

Custom Web Design Strategy Creation

Businesses have different needs based on their operations. At WSI Comandix, we believe in designing websites that address the operational needs of our clients in such a way that spurs success and improves the company’s reputation. For instance, corporate B2B clients need in-depth presentations while many service-based businesses seek immediate site conversions – and there are those that wish to combine the two. To make sure that we adequately meet the unique needs of these different sets of clients, our knowledgeable consultants expertly identify and prioritize the key elements that are vital in every design project. This creates a framework from which we can deliver a custom website that is specifically tailored to your needs.

Two Options for Website Design

  • Design a Brand-New Website – The first impression a potential customer will have of your business and products is how your website looks. Ensuring that it is positive is vital for your potential sales and customer relationships.
  • Redesign or Improve Your Existing Website – We make sure that your website is designed to complement your company and boost your success. This can mean updates to the existing structure, content, layouts, and integrated apps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design

How Much Does A Website Cost A Month?

The maintenance costs of any website will vary depending on the type of website and its functionality. The frequency of required updates and changes depends on whether it is a small website, eCommerce, or enterprise website. WSI Comandix offers affordable website maintenance plans to meet client’s various needs.

How Much Does A One Page Website Cost?

The cost of a one-page website or a landing page varies based on several factors. These include functionality, design elements and objectives. While you have the option to create your site with a freelance designer, using a web design company comes with a higher level of expertise to rely on. Additionally, a professional web design company gives you peace of mind knowing that they will still be available for the foreseeable future to help you with anything that your business might need.

Do Web Designers Provide Hosting?

Some website designers may offer and provide both services. However, to get the best of both, be sure to work with a company that is an expert in each field. You want one that is reliable and can offer you tech support should any issue come up, but also one that can build a great website. If you want to know more about what the company can do for you, ask them to provide some examples or for more information.

How Much Does Website Hosting Cost Per Year?

As with the website’s maintenance costs, the hosting, SSL and dedicated IP cost varies depending on the type of website and its functionality. We offer standard and custom hosting plans. This is all based on the needs of your business, and consequently, your website. The hosting environment, level of features and options, ongoing tech support, and the security requirements will also impact the price.

What Is CSS For Website Design?

CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheets, is a coding method that allows a web designer to change and modify the visual aspects of a website. It controls design elements such as the fonts, colours, layout of the website and visual effects that can make your website unique to you and your business.

Can I Design My Own Website?

Yes. If you are willing to learn and dedicate enough time and effort, you can do anything. However, you must always bear in mind that you are designing a website to be a successful representation of your business. The website will shape the first impression and how customers view your business. As such, to achieve the best results, you require a combination of a few things:

  • Knowledge of your demographic (Client Personas)
  • Understanding of design trends and conversions
  • Programming and coding skills
  • Strong understanding of SEO principles

If you are not confident that you have the skills or knowledge to meet these requirements, it is always best to enlist the help and guidance of a seasoned professional. This will help you save time, achieve your objectives, and achieve the best possible results.

Are Wix And Squarespace Really Free?

For businesses that are new or just starting, both Squarespace and Wix offer great solutions that go a long way. They each have a low annual or monthly fee, which varies depending on your requirements. However, it is important to remember that both Squarespace and Wix are like a website leasing option. You do not own the designs, and your use of the website is contingent on you making the annual or monthly payment. If you fail to do so, you will lose the website. Knowing that your website is your number one salesperson, it is always best to invest a little more in your website from the beginning. Also, based on your business’s goals and objectives, starting out right means you will not have to migrate to more robust platforms with greater flexibility in the future.

Design A Beautiful Website That Works with WSI Comandix

If you are looking for a website design company in Toronto, choose WSI Comandix. We offer a proven inbound marketing experience and industry benchmark website design and development. Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning digital marketing services.

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