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Expert Tips: How to Choose a Web Design Company in Toronto

Summary: If you’re looking for a web design company in Toronto, there are many options. These guide offters tips that will help you find the best choice for your needs.

Searching for a web design company in Toronto can be an exhausting process. With so many potential candidates, how can you narrow down the list of agencies you might like to work with to create your new company website? Our list of top 10 tips is here to give you a head start on your search.

Make a List of Your Website Needs and Goals

Before you begin, make sure you understand and list out what you are looking for in a web design company. Consider things like:

  • Your budget (an approximate figure is fine)
  • How soon you need your website to be ready
  • What you want it to do (generate leads, sell products online, etc.)
  • Any features you need (CRM integration, email marketing platform link-up, etc.)

Once you know what you are looking for, it will be easier to figure out which agency is best for you using the 10 tips below.

Top 10 Expert Tips to Choose a Web Design Company

1. Search Locally and Nationwide

Modern technology has made it possible to work with web design agencies anywhere in the world. This opens up a much wider pool of candidate agencies for you. There is no need to settle for an agency that cannot perform to your standards or does not have experience in your industry – somewhere out there, you will be able to find one that does meet these criteria.

However, it is still best to look for local agencies first. Web designers in Toronto will have a deeper understanding of consumer habits within the city than designers from out of town. They will know the best way to reach your target audience online and make a great first impression. Moreover, working with a local agency allows you to visit the agency in person if you have any questions to ask or input to offer.

2. Check Their Portfolios and Company Culture

Before you commit to working with a web design company, you will want to know what they can do. Professional web design agencies should have an online portfolio readily available for clients to view.

You should also check their social media pages to get a feel for their company culture. Ideally, you will see lots of smiling employees and satisfied customers and evidence of community involvement. This indicates that the company is not just a profit-driven enterprise; they truly care about the people around them and want to make a positive impact on the world.

3. Know Your Budget

Web design fees can vary dramatically depending on the amount of work a project involves. Figure out what you can afford to pay, then ask any web design agencies you are interested in for a quote. They should be happy to provide you with an estimate for the cost of their services. If this cost falls outside your price range, they may be willing to help you assemble a less ambitious service package that you can afford.

4. Make Sure They Know Responsive Web Design

Mobile browsing is growing in popularity every day, and more and more devices with varying screen sizes are making their way to market. Responsive design is an elegant way to account for both of these factors.  Your web design agency should use responsive design as the default for all their web projects. If they ask you to commission a separate mobile version of your website, it is best to choose another provider.

5. Check Their Content Management System Credentials

Websites that do not use a content management system (CMS) are significantly harder to update, maintain, and grow. Your prospective web design agency should not only use a CMS (such as Wordpress or Magento) to build their websites – they should also have the expertise needed to explain that CMS to you if needed. Ask the agency some questions on this topic to see how much they know. Be on the lookout for vague answers that suggest a lack of knowledge, especially if you are already using a specific CMS for other things and want to integrate your new website into your business ecosystem.

6. Evaluate Their Experience and Expertise

Scrutinize your web design agency as you would a candidate who is applying for a job with your company. Which industries do they serve? How long have they been in business? What projects have their staff been involved with in the past? You want to choose a company that aligns with your business’ needs and can outperform the competition. They should have industry-specific knowledge they can apply to your web design project as well as the general skills needed to build a great website.

7. Look for a Balanced Approach

Making a great website requires more than just a flashy homepage. A good web design agency will blend elements like modern design, winning copy, intuitive navigation, mobile optimization, and SEO into a single approach that maximizes conversions for your business. They should take your unique needs and goals into account during this process, too. When their work is done, you will have a website that you are happy to have representing your business.

8. Look for Constant Improvement

A good web design agency does more than just create websites for their clients. They also invest ongoing effort into growing their client base, increasing their marketing reach, and doing better work for every company they serve. Look for an agency that sets clear goals for themselves and is always striving to improve. This is a good sign that they will do the same for your business.

9. Check Out Their Accolades

Web design is a competitive field that often rewards excellent work. Try to find a web design agency that has won one or more awards for their work in the field. These may be industry-specific awards or awards from local organizations. Even something as simple as a Customer’s Choice award speaks volumes about the quality of the agency’s work. With these types of accolades under their belt, you will know that you can depend on your agency to produce a beautiful, highly functional website for your business.

10. Read Online Reviews and Testimonials

Web design companies understand the importance of social proof and a good reputation. Take the time to find some reviews and testimonials from past customers of your prospective agency.

Look for reviews on third-party platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Google as well as the agency’s own website. Reviews on these platforms are harder to filter or alter, making them a more reliable source of information than reviews posted directly by the web design company. The best testimonials mention one or more specific staff members by name, giving you some insight into the team that makes the agency tick. If you like what you read during your search, you will feel confident hiring that company to do web design work for you.

Choose a Web Design Company in Toronto You Can Count On

Expert Tips: How to Choose a Web Design Company in Toronto

Your website will be a major part of your business’ branding and marketing strategy going forward, so give it the professional attention it deserves. WSI Comandix is an award-winning web design agency with over two decades of experience under our belt. Our portfolio and collection of glowing testimonials speak for themselves.  If you need web design in Richmond Hill, Markham, or anywhere else in the GTA, contact us today. We will be happy to show you why we are the right choice.

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