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Plug the Holes in Your Digital Marketing Strategy with an SEO Audit

Every business wants to rank highly for appropriate keywords and draw in new prospects, yet many businesses are falling short of that target. SEO is deceptively hard, and the online environment in which you’re competing is only getting tougher. Before you start looking for the best SEO agency in Markham, opt for a detailed website SEO audit to uncover a checklist of shortcomings of your digital marketing strategy. Having identified the challenges, you can now work together with your marketing company to achieve better results online.

Often businesses take action but see little discernible results in the search rankings, resulting in a campaign that either doesn’t work, or costs too much for the results it gives.

website seo audit
website seo audit services

A few of the key problems many businesses have include:

  • Failing to rank high for their most important keywords, which results in key competitors getting many of the best prospects.
  • Overlooked SEO mistakes result in Google and other search engines penalizing your site, further reducing your ranking.
  • Customers find and visit your site but don’t like what they see, and leave quickly. A high bounce rate is often caused by poorly crafted copy and / or a confusing layout.
  • A failure to capitalize on traffic can lead to a low conversion rate. Even when visitors visit your website repeatedly, they are still not taking action and purchasing your products or services.

In order to tweak and refine your strategy so that it brings greater profitability, you need a website SEO audit conducted by seasoned SEO experts. A professional website audit can provide your business with a detailed report into where your search engine optimization efforts are working and where you need to make changes.

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Maximize SEO with a Hands-On Assessment

WSI Comandix provides premium SEO Audit services for businesses in Markham and across the Greater Toronto Area. Our SEO experts will carry out hours of hands-on tests on your website to discover which areas are performing well and which ones need improvement.

Our SEO audits checklist typically involve these critical steps:

  • Performing an in-depth analysis of your on-page search engine optimization, providing insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your content architecture, copy, and keyword choices.
  • Perform a complete analysis of your keywords and how effective your competitors are at using them, giving you the cutting edge over your local rivals.
  • A fully-customized and prioritized action plan to help your business increase its online success as quickly as possible.

Is your current website and SEO strategy under-performing? Invest in WSI Comandix’s website SEO Audit and our SEO professionals will show you how to improve your search engine rankings. Contact WSI Comandix today at 905-475-3675 for more information.

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