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Are Google Penalties Holding Back Your Business?

New logo of GoogleEvery year, a few hundred times a year, Google updates the search algorithm used to create their SERPs (search engine results pages) and rank websites accordingly. Each of these major and minor updates changes the algorithm in some way, helping it better predict the results that searchers want to find. For a business that produces high-quality, relevant content, this should be a good thing – since Google wants to place good content at the top.

However, sometimes a good business can suddenly find itself tens or even hundreds of places lower in the rankings after an update. How does that happen?

Types of Google Penalties

Google updates, particularly the big ones, are often accompanied by major penalties that come into play for websites that are deemed to be non-compliant. Typically these penalties fall into one of two broad categories:

  • Algorithmic Penalties – Google’s spiders read your website code, and if they find certain patterns that register as something they don’t approve of, they penalize you automatically.
  • Manual Penalties – A human reviewer at Google sees something on your website that the algorithm can’t discern but is still worthy of a penalty, and one is issued manually.

Generally, these penalties will work in your favour by penalizing websites that seek to outrank you by using methods contrary to Google’s recommendations.

An illustration of two civil engineers pointing out a damage with spanner and a screwdriver in their hands

Unfortunately, good businesses following ethical practice are also caught out sometimes. This is also why sometimes your site is not generating leads. Since the exact details of the ‘offence’ are not communicated, getting rid of a Google penalty and returning your ranking to its original location can be difficult.

Have Your Search Engine Rankings Dropped?

WSI Comandix Can Help

With more and more customers using the Internet to find local businesses, a sudden drop in rankings can be a cause for significant concern. Every day that you face penalties, potential clients are finding your competitor’s website rather than your own.

The WSI Comandix team can assess your website, discover what you have been penalized for, and create a highly effective plan to address the problem quickly.

Has your website been adversely affected by a Google update? Do you believe you have been penalized unfairly? If so, contact WSI Comandix today so that we can find out why and try to fix the problem without further delay. Call our team at 905-475-3675 or contact us online.

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