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How To Optimize The 4 Most Important Pages on Your Website

Summary: There are four important pages on your website that have the most impact. By optimizing them, you can strengthen your site and increase conversions.

If you are interested in giving your website an SEO tune-up, you should know that there are some places where your efforts will make more of an impact than others.

Four critical pages on your website contribute heavily to its overall SEO: your home page, About Us page, Blog page, and Contact Us page. Focusing your time and resources on these four pages will help you make the most of your investment.

The Four Key Pages for SEO Initiatives

Home Page

Your home page is the introduction to your website, so make it a good one! This is the place to go big and bold with your headlines and visuals. Put your company logo front and center and welcome your users with a clear statement about your industry and your part in it.

You want to keep things concise here so that users are not immediately overwhelmed by everything going on. The idea is to make a solid first impression that will pique visitor’s interest and make them eager to keep browsing your site. When they do, you can use your other pages to give them specific value propositions that interest them and help them decide to purchase.

About Us Page

Your About Us page is the place to tell your users all about what makes your business unique. This might include your company vision, your origins, and who is running the company today. You might also throw in some testimonials from past customers to demonstrate the value of your business.

People who land on this page are specifically looking for information about your business. Make sure you capitalize on their interest with at least one call to action that will keep them engaged and growing closer to your company. For example, you might ask them to sign up for your newsletter to receive information on new company developments.

Blog Page

Your main blog page is where the majority of your content is stored. This area is responsible for the majority of your keyword-related SEO, so it deserves some extra attention from you.

Since this page serves primarily as a content map, navigation is vital. You should have a list of broad categories that break down your archives into relevant, searchable chunks. These should reflect what your audience is most interested in, such as popular topics that consistently produce good traffic numbers. It would help to sort posts by date to help users find the newest information with minimal effort.

Contact Us Page

Your Contact Us page might be the most crucial page on your entire website. The contact page is where you can convert everyday users into valuable leads. The information your users find here should open a communication channel and bring users closer to your brand.

This is the place to put all your contact info and essential customer service tools, such as:

  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your physical address (if applicable)
  • A fillable contact form to schedule a later discussion
  • A FAQ
  • A chatbot to help answer some basic questions

How To Optimize The 4 Most Important Pages on Your Website

Two Ways to Give Each Page a Marketing Boost

Each of the pages described above can make a big difference to your site’s overall SEO value, but only if set up correctly. To ensure this is done well, you should pay attention to both content and calls to action. A good web design company can help you.


There are two questions you should ask yourself about each of these four key pages:

  • What did your users come to your site looking for? If your website does not answer your users’ questions, they will not hesitate to move on. If you want to keep them present and engaged, you need to give them the information they need. Don’t let them lose interest while looking for it!
  • How did they get there? Users who visit your site through an email link expect a different experience than users who stumble across it on a webpage or through a search. Think about what your lead is expecting and build the experience around it.  Create the site that you would want to see as a user in each of the different scenarios.

Building up content marketing strategies can also be helpful to drive traffic to these critical pages. Updating old content with new information and statistics increases its relevance and may get more users interested. Sharing old posts on social media can give them new life as a new crop of users comes to check them out. Anything you can do to make your content archive work for you will help magnify the impact of your four primary web pages.

Adding new content like videos, infographics, white papers, free templates, and more is always beneficial. A web design company can help you create this unique content or leverage your existing content for SEO purposes.

Calls to Action

A call to action (CTA) is an instruction you place on your website to let users know what you want them to do next. A typical example is the “contact us” phrase that you will see at the bottom of many promotional blogs and web pages.

CTAs work best when they are organic and unobtrusive. If a user feels manipulated, they are less likely to respond to your suggestions. The trick is to give them another way to do something they would want to do anyway.

Think about what you want your users to do and how it might align with their own goals. For example, the bottom of your About Us page could include a line such as: “Like what you see? Follow us on Facebook for more information on our company!”

You might want your users to:

  • Fill out your contact form
  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Read more blog posts
  • Browse your products online
  • Sign up for your email newsletter

CTAs can be difficult to get right. If you are not confident that you are sending the right message, you may want help from a web design company. Professional web designers and SEO experts know how to weave a CTA into a web page to feel like a seamless part of the user experience.

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