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Custom Web Development Services

Build a Firm Foundation for Your Toronto Business with Custom Web Development

A website is made up of much more than just clever copy and interesting images. It is the code beneath that gives it the functionality and usability that are the hallmark of a great business website.

Custom Web Development

It doesn’t matter how great a sports car looks, if it has a tiny, low-power engine, it will never win a race. Similarly, the code your website is built on is vital to the success of your business, turning static text into dynamic pages and ensuring that your website both looks and performs like a winner.

Is your website being left in the dust by your competitors? A FREE WSI Comandix WebScan can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current website and examine the health of its coding.

High-Quality Web Technologies to Keep your Business Purring Under the Hood

The WSI Comandix team provides custom web development services to businesses throughout Markham and the GTA, delivering results that build brands and convert more visitors into paying customers. Our development teams work with you to build a website that not only looks great, but also provides a dynamic, engaging environment in which your clients can interact with your business.

Custom Website Design

To create a custom website design that fits your business and your customers perfectly, we use this essential best practices checklist, developed by industry experts at HubSpot*:

  • Assess the current performance of your website.
  • Work with you to determine your goals for digital marketing.
  • Inventory your current content and assess what is working and can be kept and what needs to be modified or discarded.
  • Analyze your competition’s websites.
  • Identify your Unique Value Proposition.
  • Identify core customers and design a website around their needs.
  • Optimize the coding and content to help your business be found easily in the search engines.
  • Identify and create key calls to action that guide your customer’s behaviour.
  • Create an ongoing content strategy for your business to ensure ongoing online success.
  • Add the final touches – blogs, social media, and more. WSI will also help your team learn how to edit your web pages, add blog posts, update products, and more.

Does the engine powering your website need an upgrade? WSI programmers use clean, effective programming that creates lean, fast and responsive websites. Call the WSI Comandix team today at 905-475-3675. Or you can contact us online.

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