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Keyword Research by Experts at WSI Helps Your Site Rank Higher

Keyword research is one of the first and most vital tasks in optimizing a site so that it ranks well in search engines such as Google. Without extensive keyword research, it is hard to know what terms your potential customers are searching for, and without this information it is almost impossible to optimize your web`site effectively.

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Good keyword research involves several steps:

  • Analysis of which keywords your target customers are searching for
  • Ranking these keywords according to how often they are being searched for
  • Researching competitors and how they rank for these keywords
  • Doing a cost/benefit analysis to determine which keywords should be focused on
  • Establishing short and long-term optimization objectives

Of course, it is easy for most businesses to come up with a list of keywords and to use them occasionally in their content. This trial and error method is what most of your competitors are doing, so, in order to stand out, you are going to need something extra. An expert can do extensive research and sift through the data to find and apply the most profitable strategy for your business.

The correct strategy involves not just finding the right keywords, but applying them at the right frequency and in the right locations in your content. This is done in conjunction with creating the right structure for your page, addressing speed concerns, and using correct code and markup to ensure your page is optimized effectively and efficiently. With 94% of business * purchasing decisions and 81% of consumer ** purchasing decisions starting online, keyword research and SEO are an essential investment in the future of your business.

Have Your Search Engine Rankings Dropped? WSI Comandix Can Help

WSI Comandix provides keyword research and SEO Audit services throughout the GTA. We have the knowledge, training, tools and experience to help you be found online.

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Our keyword analysis services include:

  • On-going keyword analysis – Tracking how the popularity of relevant keywords rises and falls, and using this data to help improve your ranking
  • Competitive analysis – Checking the competition to ensure they are not hitting the keywords you are missing
  • Optimizing – Using these keywords to optimize existing and new content, leading to better quality leads and higher conversions

Would you like to increase your website traffic? Keyword research and analysis by WSI Comandix is the first step. Call our team at 905-475-3675 or contact us online.

** Retailing Today, Study: 81% research online before making big purchases

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