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Attract Targeted Customers with Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in Toronto

Local Search Engine Optimization Services

We know that for many Toronto businesses, local customers are a key target. Even if your customers are in other cities or countries, having a strong presence on your home grounds is beneficial and required in order to stay competitive.  For instance, it doesn’t matter how well ranked your restaurant is for broad search terms if your local customers cannot find it online. This means that your website’s performance in local search queries is critical for the success of your business.

Potential customers frequently search for businesses while out shopping, searching for information, including directions, opening hours and product availability. These local searchers are hungry for information (and often for food!), and many of them are ready to make a purchase immediately.

Illustration of Website Traffic

Research by Google found that an incredible 50% of users who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within 24 hours. This statistic was just slightly lower for desktop and tablet users at 34% .

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The deployment of Google’s Pigeon update has further increased the importance of local search engine optimization. Now, even when searching for a general term, such as ‘restaurant’, users are offered a map of local search results based on their current location before seeing the list of main results.

Generate More Leads and Drive Footfall Locally

WSI Comandix, a Toronto-based franchise of international SEO experts WSI, provides a complete selection of local SEO services to businesses in and around Toronto. With local SEO, your business can increase visibility, maximize search relevancy, and ensure that you are converting more visitors into paying customers than ever before.

The local SEO services we provide include:

  • Expert keyword research, essential for ensuring your brand is easily discoverable online
  • Highly relevant, expertly written content that will attract local searchers
  • Ongoing support to ensure you don’t just get to the top, but you also stay there
  • Create a strong Google+ page to help attract local visitors to your website

Would you like to get more leads through your website? Is your website missing out on attracting local customers? Your Toronto business can benefit from improved local search rankings today. Call WSI Comandix today at 905-475-3675.


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