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Social Media Trends for 2022

Summary: Social media is constantly adapting and evolving, so it helps to learn what to expect in the coming year. Learn how to enhance your social media in 2022.

Social media marketing has long been one of the best ways to nurture consumer interest in your brand. The blistering pace of today’s hottest social networks has also made it one of the major centers of innovation in the world of digital marketing.

The following trends are expected to dominate this critical marketing channel in 2022. Keep reading to learn more about new social media marketing developments and how you can use them to your advantage.

Top 15 Trends for Social Media Marketing in 2022

1. Social Commerce

Social media use is only rising higher over time, so brands have a strong incentive to make it as easy as possible to shop for their products directly through this channel. Look for more e-commerce buttons in social media content in 2022. When users can purchase the items they see on their feeds with just one click, impulse buys become much more likely, and profits rise in response. A PPC agency in Toronto can help you set up these ads in your social content if you are unsure of how to do it.

2. Customer Service Through Social Channels

Social media’s strong point is communication. This makes it an ideal channel for customer service functions. Instead of using your social media campaigns as just another form of advertising, allow them to serve as a bridge between your brand and its audience. Use your social media accounts to answer questions, address concerns, offer information on coming promotions, and more. Not only will you satisfy the customer with whom you are interacting, but your responses will also be publicly displayed for the rest of your audience to enjoy.

3. Interactive Social Selling

Thanks to technological improvements, it is now possible to add various interactive elements to social media campaigns. Additions like self-guided tours and online product demos allow users to explore your brand at their own pace and come to their own conclusions regarding your business’ value.

4. Marketing in the Metaverse

With so much public interest in developing social online spaces like Facebook’s Metaverse, marketers will need to pay more attention to the revolutionary new ideas being developed in these fields. Digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may become central to company branding in the near future, so take the time to get accustomed to them now.

5. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR are poised to see broader use in 2022, especially in social media contexts. This gives marketers an excellent opportunity to make hands-on virtual product demonstrations accessible to their entire audience. Imagine how easy it would be to convince a lead to buy one of your products if they could hold and examine that item from anywhere in the world!

6. Recruiting on Next-Gen Social Platforms

Recruiting is a vital part of digital marketing, and if you want access to the best talent, you will need to look for it on the latest social media platforms. Young professionals spend little time on Facebook and other established networks. Instead, they use up-and-coming platforms like TikTok for their social fix. Meet these people in their preferred social spaces to get access to some of the most creative and highly skilled workers on the market today.

7. Brand Humanization

Many modern consumers want to connect with the brands they buy from. When a brand matches their position on social issues and other value-based matters, they take notice. Making a stand in these matters always risks alienating a portion of your customer base, so be prepared for some controversy if you do this. However, the gains you will make will far outstrip any losses you might contend with.

8. Giving Back

Similar to the point above, consumers want to see brands that back up their pro-social statements with tangible support. Raising money for a good cause on social media shows your audience that you care enough to practice what you preach and makes them feel good about supporting you with their purchases.

9. Brand Accountability

Social media’s public nature makes it easy for consumers to come together and hold a brand accountable for things like sub-par customer service or unfulfilled promises. Do not allow your brand’s image to become tarnished by public controversy. Monitor your social media feeds closely this year and make sure you respond quickly, gracefully, and honestly to all of these advances. Building a record of consistency and transparency can give your reputation a major boost.

10. Employees as Advocates

Your employees know your brand better than anyone else, so why not have them tell the world about it for you? Ask your employees to consider supporting your brand on social media. Do not force them to participate, but consider offering them a small reward if they do.

11. Live Video

Basic text posts and images are out of fashion for 2022’s social media users. Today’s users (especially younger audiences) gravitate to live video formats instead. Incorporate some of this type of content into your digital marketing plans to capture their interest and hold their attention. A digital marketing agency can help you create a script for this type of content to ensure that your presentation stays on track and does not become overly stressful for the presenter.

12. Authenticity

After the events of the last few years, many people have become understandably wary of “fake news” and canned-sounding corporate speech. Use your social media campaigns to fight this problem. By making an effort to communicate openly and compassionately with your audience, you can combat their distrust and eventually win them over.

13. User-Generated TikTok Content

Some of the best promotional content is not made by brands themselves but by individual users commenting on the company, its products, or its stance on larger issues. Pay attention to what is being said about your brand on this fast-moving platform. Despite your lack of control over this content, it is likely to have just as big an impact as any of your carefully planned campaigns.

14. Building Trust

Social media’s highly polarized environment has made it difficult for brands to win users over right away. People are rightly skeptical of promotional content that is devoid of context. Look for platforms that align with your brand’s values and tone. Making an effort to reach people in different online communities demonstrates sincerity and strong knowledge of your audience, both of which make your brand seem more trustworthy.

15. Talent Acquisition via Social Media

The job market may be in turmoil, but your business still needs top-tier staff to live up to its full potential. Social media can serve as a recruitment tool as well as an advertising channel. Use your favourite platforms to promote your company mission and describe how your staff help you accomplish those goals. Word will get out to interested people, broadening the pool of talent you can access as a result.

Social Media Trends for 2022

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