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2022’s Content Marketing Trends

Summary: Content marketing is an important part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Learn what changes are coming in 2022 so you can be prepared.

Content marketing is one of the core components of an effective digital marketing strategy. Every business should make it a priority to keep up with the latest trends in this sphere. From reinvigoration strategies to new mediums, many new developments are shaping this field in 2022. Here are a few of the most noteworthy content marketing trends for this year and how you can use these strategies to your advantage.

9 Top Trends for Content Marketing in 2022

1. Repurpose Old Content

If you have been doing content marketing for a while, you likely have a large store of old pieces sitting in your archives. Why not put those assets to work? Repurposing old content can give it new life. An old blog post can become a new social media post or email. An old white paper can become a case study for your blog.

When you select certain pieces for new applications, be sure to adapt that piece to suit its new context. Trim that blog post down a bit instead of simply copying the entire text and sending it out like that. Condense the white paper’s findings and give additional context to help people outside your industry better understand it. These changes will not take long but will give the content a significant search rank boost.

2. Update Existing Content

Repurposing old content brings us to another content marketing trend for 2022: content updates. Older content may have served your needs well when it was first published, but it is likely to have lost some of its effectiveness over time. Maybe some of the statistics in the piece are out of date. Perhaps the keywords you used are no longer relevant to your current business goals.

A few simple updates can give this stagnant content a significant SEO boost. Switch the old stats out for new ones and alter the keywords to suit your new marketing approach. These changes allow the content to keep contributing to your website’s visibility even years after they were first published.

3. Track Content Performance

Measuring content performance is a key step in building an effective overall content strategy. Which of your posts, videos, marketing emails, and other content have the most views or the highest open rates? How many conversions did each of them generate?

When you know what type of content typically does well with your audience, you can use that knowledge to your advantage. You may be able to spark new content ideas or figure our how to generate and nurture new leads. Remember that professional digital marketing services usually include this kind of reporting; outsourcing your content production can help you quickly implement content performance tracking with minimal effort.

4. Tailor Content to Your Dream Customers

Digital marketing services rely on good lead targeting to be effective. In 2022, you will need to make sure your content is aimed squarely at the type of consumers you are most interested in courting as customers.

To make your content catch on with a specific audience, you will need to:

  • Anticipate and address these consumers’ needs
  • Match their vocabulary and tone

Look for opportunities to create content that answers their most pressing questions, and remember to keep your style aligned with what they will expect. For instance, a shoe store that caters to teenage customers might do well publishing blog posts on trendy shoe designs that are styled similarly to Instagram ads: short and sweet with lots of visuals and entertaining commentary.

5. Use More Video

Blog posts may be the most popular form of content marketing, but they are not the only ones. Video content has been shown to boost user engagement and influence purchase decisions, making it an excellent investment for growing businesses.

There are many different kinds of video content you can experiment with, including:

  • Explainer videos
  • Interviews
  • Product demonstrations
  • Webinars

Start with the types of videos that make the most sense to you, then ask your audience for feedback. You may find that they want to see more of a certain format than you anticipated or are less interested in another that you expected to resonate with them.

6. Prioritize User Experience

User experience is just as important in content marketing as it is in web design. This year, create content that is easy to access and consume with minimal barriers to dissuade the user. It should load quickly and completely, including alternate text for any visual elements, and be optimized for mobile viewing.

User experience should also be a factor in your content creation process. Whenever possible, use short paragraphs with simple sentence structure. Bullet points also work well for condensing a complex topic into a few simple, easily digestible points. Assume your reader only has a few minutes to spare and try to pack as much value into that amount of time as you possibly can.

7. Double-Up on Content

At its heart, content is information, and information can be presented in many different ways. To capitalize on this strength, many brands have begun releasing content in two or more formats. Written content like blog posts and visual elements annotated illustrations can work together to enhance each other’s quality and provide different perspectives.

When creating content this year, think about how you can do this for your brand. Video, infographics, and podcasts all make excellent secondary content to back up a comprehensive article or blog post.

This strategy allows you to reach audiences who prefer to consume information in different ways and enhances the content’s value. Doubled-up pieces are more nuanced and are more likely to rank well than content that sticks to one medium. If you do not have the time or skill set to make this extra content, hire an SEO company for help. Content creation is likely part of their SEO services, and they will be glad to create additional pieces for you to complement what you have waiting in your pipeline.

8. Use SEO Optimization

Quality content will always attract an audience, but if you are not optimizing your content for high search ranks, you are almost certainly missing out on valuable traffic.

To ensure your content budget does not go to waste, pay attention to SEO principles during the creation process. Incorporate relevant, low-competition keywords into your text to help your content get found. Use title tags and other schema markups to help search engine algorithms better understand your intent. These changes will help your content find the right audience and generate the healthy traffic you want to see.

9. Factor in Voice Search

Voice recognition software has gotten much better over the last few years, and many people now search almost exclusively using voice-based tools. This shift in search methods has forced 2022’s marketing professionals to adapt their approach. You will need to follow their lead.

This year, phrase more of your keywords to mimic natural speech. For example, voice search is highly local, so try adding “near me” to the end of certain keywords. You should also create more content that directly answers users’ questions. Keep your answers short and purposeful. If users want additional information, they will look for it after they answer their initial inquiry.

2022’s Content Marketing Trends

Get a Head Start This Year with Professional Content Marketing and Other Digital Marketing Services

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