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The 10 Tips You Need to Choose a Web Development Company

Summary: If you need a new web development company to work with, it helps to know what you should be looking for. Read our 10 tips to be confident making your decision.

Every business needs a high-quality professional website to draw in new leads. However, most business owners do not have the skills to create their company website themselves. Web development agencies exist to solve this problem.

A good web development agency will create a beautiful optimized website with all of the features you need to attract and convert your audience. How should you choose a single agency to work with from your ever-growing list of options? Our guide will give you a few places to start.

5 Qualities to Look for in a Web Development Agency

Industry Expertise

Every industry has its own unique audience, jargon, and other attributes that affect its marketing needs. Your website development agency should have a strong grasp of what makes your industry tick and how to incorporate that knowledge into the work they do. This will allow them to provide you with website content and functionality that will power your current and future marketing efforts.


While a detailed outline is a key part of any web development project, many business owners decide that changes are needed later in the process. You may want to modify some of the content on your website, add new features like an ecommerce shop, or accommodate different devices with responsive design. Your web development agency should be open to any of these requests and handle any requested changes with professionalism and integrity.

Strong Work Ethic

Building a website from scratch is not a simple project. Your web development agency should be staffed by people who are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to achieve stellar results. Their developers should be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right, and they should maintain open lines of communication with you so you can observe how the work is progressing.


In today’s crowded online landscape, cookie-cutter websites are a dime a dozen. To get noticed, your business will need a website designed by a truly creative team. Look for an agency with a vibrant portfolio full of interesting and diverse work they have done for past clients.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is key to any professional project. Your web development agency should always be open to speaking with you if you have a question or would like something changed. Moreover, they should regularly contact you to provide updates on their work.

10 Tips to Choose the Right Web Development Company

1. Decide on Your Project Scope

Before you contact a web development company, make sure you know exactly what you need them to do. Without this information, your agency will not be able to discuss specifics with you or offer you an accurate quote for their services.

Make a list of project details for your prospective web development company, including:

  • Your budget
  • Your competitors
  • Your SEO goals
  • The timeline for your project
  • Any custom features you would like your website to have

2. Take a Look at Their Website

Once you have a capable agency in mind, visit their website to conduct some preliminary research. Do you like the look of the site? Does it load quickly? Is it easy to navigate on any device? The answer to all of these questions should be an emphatic ‘yes.’ A web development agency that does not have an incredible website of its own may not be able to deliver a quality product to its customers.

3. Learn the Basics of Website Development

While you do not need to know everything about how to make a website to work with a web development agency, it helps to have an understanding of the basic procedures and terminology. This will give you the foundational knowledge you will need to have productive conversations with the staff at your chosen agency.

4. Get to Know Your Team Members

A good web design company will have a diverse team available to serve its clients. Some key team members include:

  • Project Manager. The project manager leads the team as a whole and ensures that they meet your deadlines and stay within your stated budget.
  • Front-End Developer. The front-end developer is responsible for the look and feel of your website, including its graphics and colour scheme.
  • Back-End Developer. The back-end developer creates your website’s code and any databases needed to run it. They will also implement any custom features you request.
  • UI/UX Designer. The UI/UX designer is responsible for your website’s navigation and usability. They ensure that your users will be able to easily accomplish what they set out to do on your site.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer. The quality assurance engineer ensures that the final version of your website looks attractive, functions correctly, and fulfills any other requirements set out in your scope of work.

5. Ask for Their Portfolio

Aside from their own website, a good web development agency should also have an impressive portfolio of work ready to show prospective clients. Take the time to look over their work and ask them about it if possible. Ask if they provide any ongoing services to these past clients, such as updates or maintenance. This will give you a better idea of what you can expect when working with them.

6. Ask About Privacy and Security Policies

Working with a web development company will require you to disclose key details about your business and its operations that you will want to keep private. Most web development companies include a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as a standard part of their contract. Ask if yours follows this practice and what steps they take to keep their customers’ data and trade secrets safe.

7. Check Client Reviews, Ratings, and Feedback

Reading reviews is the best way to determine if a web design company is good at what they do. Look your web development company up on platforms like Yelp and see what their customers have to say about them. You should ideally see many positive reviews and prompt, courteous, and publicly viewable responses to any negative feedback they receive. If many of their past clients seem to be happy with their services, you likely will be as well.

8. Consider the Breadth of Their Web Development Services

Many web design companies offer a full suite of services and packages for web development. Look for an agency that can deliver the set of services you need. For most business owners, this will include:

  • Discovery Phase. During this initial stage, you and your agency will discuss your plans for your website and create a timeline, a set of goals, and a budget to help guide future work.
  • UI/UX Design. Next, website developers will work on your website’s User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). This pre-coding stage ensures that your new website looks great and easy to use.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Testing. Once your website is up and running, your agency will have it carefully tested to ensure peak functionality and performance.
  • Maintenance. Websites need software updates and patches to remain functional over time. Your agency should take care of these tasks for you with ongoing maintenance services.
  • Support. If you have questions about your website after its completion, your agency should be happy to provide you with the answers. They may also implement changes to your website upon request.

9. Ask for a Consultation First

Before you commit to working with a web developer, ask them if they offer consultations for new clients. These meetings offer the perfect opportunity to gauge the agency’s professionalism, abilities, and overall ethos. By the end of your discussion, you will know whether the agency can confidently deliver the product you need. If not, it is best to move on.

10. Obtain a Final Quote and Project Documentation

If you have decided which agency is right for you, ask them for a final cost estimate and project documentation before signing any paperwork. It is important to get all project details, including prices, milestones, and payment terms, in writing prior to starting any work. Review all of the documentation carefully to make sure you know exactly what you are agreeing to.

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