Maximizing Your Conversion Rate with Fully-Optimized Landing Pages that Convert

Driving a high volume of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising traffic to your website is meaningless (not to mention expensive) if those visitors don’t become leads! Many businesses incorrectly assume that their homepage is the most effective way to achieve their conversion goals – it isn’t. To maximize your conversion rate and get the best possible ROI from your website traffic, you need targeted landing pages that attract quality leads and encourage positive action.


Landing pages achieve conversion rates as much as five times higher than regular pages, significantly improving the number of customers and sales you receive through your site.

Your homepage is unsuitable as a landing page because it is far too generic, and most visitors will react more positively to content that meets their needs better.

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What is Involved in Creating A Strong Landing Page?

A good landing page isn’t just a standard web page with a fancy name.

To be successful, you must do the following:

  1. Minimize Distractions – Clear, easy navigation is a must for most pages, but on a landing page you want to give the customer just one option: taking your offer. Giving the customer the opportunity to navigate away from the landing page will reduce your conversion rate.
  2. Focus on the Customer – The landing page isn’t the place for a long background story about your business (unless this is a key part of your sales strategy). Focus first on providing the customer with what they are looking for.
  3. Encourage Conversion – The landing page should have a clear goal, such as getting the prospect to make an appointment, sign up for a newsletter, or make a purchase. Every part of the page should be geared towards encouraging the customer to take the action you desire. Compelling content is a must because you have just a few seconds to convince your prospect of the benefits of your business and services.
  4. Measure Behaviour – Without measurement, improvement is almost impossible. By measuring the behaviour of customers visiting your landing pages, you can optimize them further.

Landing Page Design Services that Drive Results

Landing page design services from WSI Comandix can unlock the hidden potential of your website. Our in-house experts have successfully increased the ROI of hundreds of local businesses by creating fully-optimized, ready-to-use landing pages that fit the unique marketing strategy of each business.

Landing page creation does not need to be complicated. Our team of specialists will create and implement a strategy that will take your ROI to elevated and sustainable levels. Call WSI Comandix today at 1-905-475-3675 for more information.

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