Kyle Harrison

Business Development Consultant

Solving Digital Marketing Challenges For Businesses Committed To Rapid Growth.

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Kyle is a passionate salesman dedicated to identifying and providing the right strategies to help businesses succeed. With over 5 years of experience in a variety of different sales environments, he is experienced in understanding what a company needs to grow and thrive. A digital marketing enthusiast, Kyle is dedicated to helping individuals leverage the power of the internet to expand their business.


Service Areas

  • Toronto / Greater Toronto Area
  • Hamilton / Halton Region
  • Ontario
  • Canada


  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Web Design
  • SEO & PPC
  • Business Development

Types Of Challenges We Help To Solve

  • I want to grow my revenue
  • I need better business management tools
  • I don’t have time to focus on marketing
  • I want a marketing strategy that works for my industry
  • I need a modern website or online store
  • I want more qualified leads
  • I need a system to manage my leads and customers
  • I need a better online reputation and social presence
  • I need help with email marketing
  • I need help with branding, design, video, content
  • And many more — Your success is our success!

How WSI Comandix Can Help

Our website contains a great deal of information so here are some of the service areas. WSI Comandix provides personalized digital marketing solutions that help your business win against your competitors.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

We are a licensed member of a worldwide network of certified WSI consultants and experts. Global knowledge combined with local presence gives us an unfair advantage over other agencies in the online advertising industry. With constant testing, direct insights into new trends and technologies, and strategic relationship with industry leaders, including Google, we have been helping our clients since 1999.

WSI has developed proven digital marketing solutions for businesses in a variety of industries. Our goal is to propel you beyond the goals you set out, achieving greater success than you thought possible.

We look forward to a personal discussion with you to discuss your goals for 2023 and determine if and how our services fit to grow your business.

Why WSI Comandix?

  1. WSI applies global resources and knowledge to local company needs.
  2. Scalability: delivery of resources
    • a) WSI Comandix – Consulting office
    • b) Worldwide production centers
    • c) Extensive solutions experience
    • d) Data collection through multiple offices
    • e) 5000+ experienced and knowledgeable people worldwide to draw upon.
  3. WSI follows the McKinzie Model for change.
    • a) The McKinsey 7-S Model is a change framework based on a company’s organizational design. It aims to depict how change leaders can effectively manage organizational change by strategizing around the interactions of seven key elements: structure, strategy, system, shared values, skill, style, and staff.
    • b) This approach allows WSI to be dynamic in its ability to address customer needs in the fast-changing world of Digital Marketing
  4. WSI never sells you something you don’t need. We analyze your business needs and apply strategies and services that will grow your business.
  5. Our Guarantee: As Google Partners we stick 100% to Google Guidelines. WSI is top 1% of all Google Premier Partners.


We take the time to understand your organization and customers, and then build a strategy that is aligned and capable of delivering remarkable results.

Learn firsthand why other businesses work with WSI.