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Using AI to Write Content: Crucial Things You Need to Know

Summary: Although AI tools may seem like a fast and easy way to generate content, they have their drawbacks. Learn why you still need a human touch here!

AI content writing tools have exploded in popularity recently, becoming one of the hottest topics in tech and marketing journalism. However, many people still do not fully understand what these tools are and what they can realistically do.

If you have been considering using an AI content writer for your blog, there are a few things you should be aware of first. Our guide will help you better understand this new technology and how best to apply it to your business blogging needs.

What are AI Writing Assistants?

AI writing tools are a type of artificial intelligence that can be used to generate some forms of writing, including marketing copy. They work by analyzing a massive quantity of data to find the information you ask for, then synthesizing it into a readable result.

Current forms of these tools use language learning algorithms that allow them to emulate the way real humans write. However, they also require some input from the user to get started. It often takes several sentences to give the AI enough background information to understand what you are asking it to do.

Advantages of Using AI for Blog Writing

  • It Saves Research Time. AI can conduct intensive research in seconds, making it much easier to produce blog posts on challenging topics.
  • It Can Use Data to Better Target User Interests. Some AI writing tools offer features to analyze user engagement and incorporate this data into the content they generate.
  • It May Help You Break Through Writer’s Block. If you do not know where to begin with a piece or become stuck somewhere along the way, using an AI content generator may help you surmount this obstacle.

Disadvantages of Using AI for Blog Writing

  • It Can Feel Generic. Most AI writing has a similar cadence, vocabulary, and sentence structure. There is little variation and every text produced feels like something you have already read many times in the past.
  • It Must Be Fact-Checked. Any facts included in anything written by AI must be verified prior to publication.
  • It Cannot Provide SEO Services. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a major factor in growing your blog’s audience. AI content is not optimized for search, limiting its potential reach.

Common Issues with AI Content That Require Human Intervention

  • Repetition. Many AI-generated posts use the same words repeatedly, making the text dull and uninteresting to read.
  • Robotic Voice. Similarly, AI content often has an almost robotic rhythm to its words. This can be extremely off-putting to readers.
  • Misunderstandings. AI can sometimes misunderstand the prompts it is given, creating text that has nothing to do with the topic you requested.
  • Keyword Density. Writing AI can incorporate keywords into a text, but it often does so too much, too little, or in awkward ways that a human writer would avoid.
  • Plagiarism. Some AI writing tools copy content word-for-word from other sources or apply minor revisions to it. This can pose ethical and legal challenges for your business.

Why All AI Writing Should Be Treated as a First Draft

AI writing is best used as a starting point during the content creation process. An expert human copywriter can refine its output to preserve AI content advantages while eliminating its flaws.

In the hands of an expert, writing AI can:

  • Quickly Research Complex Topics
  • Suggest New Topics to Explore
  • Save Time and Money
  • Generate a Solid First Draft for a Writer to Build On

The Wrong Way to Use AI Writing Assistants

If you choose to work with an AI writing tool, the worst thing you can do is give it your full trust. It cannot write an article for you from start to finish. It can do some of the work, but you will need to put in some effort as well to end up with a usable product. It produces its best results when paired with human creativity.

An AI content writer is efficient, but it does not have the distinctive spark that a budding brand needs to establish a foothold in its market. Consider using it as a tool instead of relying on it for all of your content needs. Do not let the tool take the reins, and make sure you are always putting your own spin on any content it gives you. If you do not, the posts you publish may be labelled as spam by Google’s AI content detector algorithms and incur a heavy SEO penalty for your website.

What Is AI Good For?

  • Generating Content Ideas. Writing AI can essentially automate the brainstorming process, generating endless lists of content ideas at the click of a button. From there, you can search through your options until you find the best topics to expand into a full blog post.
  • Getting Your Content Started. Sometimes, the first sentence of a post is the hardest part of the writing process. Writing AI can generate a starting sentence for you to get you over that initial hurdle.
  • Tweaking Your Content. Writing AI can sometimes add new perspectives or information to your piece. It may even offer ideas for similarly themed content that you can use to build a reputation within your niche.

How to Use Blog Writing AI Wisely to Help You Create Content

  • Use the AI for Inspiration, Not for Complete Projects. Let it provide a few starting sentences or a brainstorm of topics and take over the rest of the writing yourself.
  • Revise Often. If you use any AI-generated content, check it carefully for grammar, flow, and word repetition. Do not be afraid to cut out major sections of content if it does not fit with the rest of your piece.
  • Give Your Writing a Voice. Make sure your piece reads like the unique work it is. Choose words, phrases, and sentence structure that inject life into your piece and make it more interesting for the reader to absorb.
  • Fact-Check Frequently. Do not take any facts the AI offers you for granted. Double-check that all of its information is accurate before publishing the finished piece.

For Top-Tier Content, Quick Fixes Like AI Content Writers Do Not Work

AI content writer

If creating exceptional content is your goal, using an AI writing assistant is just one step in that process. Instead of relying on an automated tool for this work, rely on the experts at WSI Comandix. Our team will use SEO best practices to create blog posts, product descriptions, and other content that will capture your audience’s interest and build your brand’s unique identity. Contact us today to learn more about our content marketing services and give your business the boost it deserves.

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