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Web users are a picky bunch, and it’s fair to say that if your current website is more than a few years old, you’re behind the curve. If your website design is outdated, or is failing to reflect the current values of your brand, you should strongly consider updating it.

Research into business credibility by Stanford University tells us that 75% of customers judge a business and its overall credibility by the design of their website. This means the design of your website directly impacts your sales, your brand reputation, and your bottom line. The question is: is that impact positive or negative?

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What could you achieve if a new, highly credible website increased the number of new clients you were receiving by even 50%? An up-to-date website can transform your web presence and help your business achieve significant growth.

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Web Designing ServicesAn independently owned and operated franchise of global leader, WSI, the WSI Comandix team delivers exceptional website designs that drive results. We don’t just build you a website; we strive to accurately reflect the hard work, professionalism and skill that your business brings to the table. The goal is to enhance your business credibility and strengthen your brand presence online. We will gather extensive market and customer intelligence to ensure that your website takes into account industry standards and best practices, putting you firmly ahead of your competition.

Because every business is different, we work in partnership with you to create a unique website that reflects the needs of your business and the clients that you serve. We’ll create a website that is scalable, dynamic and can easily be maintained and updated.

This will enable you to update it quickly and easily without reinventing the wheel. Your website will grow and evolve as your business, market, and industry does. You’ll also be able to easily take advantage of the latest website technology.

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Our services go far beyond web design, extending to strategy, marketing, and beyond:

  • Fully-customized business websites built using the latest coding standards and best practices
  • Fast and reliable, premium hosting services
  • High-quality content that attracts new leads to your website
  • Fully-optimized landing pages
  • Advanced analytics that give you vital information about your customers

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