How to Improve Rankings with Bing SEO

Summary: Though most SEO campaigns focus on improving your Google ranks, there are other options. Learn how you can boost your rankings using Bing!

Most SEO campaigns focus on improving a website’s rank on Google search results, but this is not the only option for small businesses interested in promoting themselves online. Bing SEO can be just as lucrative as Google SEO, and it comes with several advantages that make it an even more attractive investment. Today, we will discuss how Bing SEO works and what you can do to improve your website’s visibility on this often-overlooked search engine.

What Helps to Boost Ranking on Bing?

There are many Bing SEO ranking factors to consider when planning campaigns for this search engine. Pay special attention to the following:

  • Relevance. One of the first things Bing checks when deciding which content to display to users is how relevant that content is to the search query. The engine looks for keywords, synonyms, and abbreviations to determine how closely a given webpage matches what the searcher wants to find.
  • User Satisfaction. Bing also considers how much your past users have enjoyed their time on your pages. It does this by examining metrics such as session duration and the number of clicks each user makes.
  • Freshness. The newer your content is, the more likely it is to contain the latest information that users want to see. Bing, therefore, gives newer and more recently updated websites a ranking boost.
  • Credibility and Quality. Not all websites are equally credible or authoritative. Bing awards higher ranks to websites that are known to have reliably factual content and are considered noteworthy in their industry.
  • Load Speeds. Slow websites are a major turn-off for today’s users. Improving your website’s load times across multiple devices will significantly boost your Bing SEO optimization.
  • Location. Most users prefer content that is targeted at people from their locale. Bing rewards good local SEO with high ranks for local searchers.

How Bing SEO is Different from Google SEO

For the most part, Bing SEO is very similar to Google SEO. Both search engines use similar ranking factors and display the same sorts of information (snippets, direct answers, local pack, etc.). What works for one often works for the other as well.

One notable difference is that Bing makes much greater use of snippets in its search results. Not only are they more likely to appear, but they are often longer than the equivalent snippet from Google. This change offers a wealth of opportunities for companies that can create exceptional content for that coveted top spot.

Bing also offers SEO professionals more management options when they register their domain name with the platform. If you do this, you will get access to your crawling data as well as a suite of security and SEO features. These extra tools make it much easier to fine-tune your activities for maximum impact.

How Does Bing Help Online Businesses?

Bing is the second most popular search engine available. Even with its much smaller user base, it makes sense for your online business to have a presence on this engine as well as Google. Neglecting this market artificially shrinks your pool of leads and makes it harder for you to build brand recognition across large audiences.

Bing search results can also be incorporated into Google Analytics, helpfully saving you time and allowing for easy campaign monitoring. You can even compare the results of your SEO campaigns on both Bing and Google to see which channel performs better for specific audiences. You can then tailor your marketing strategy to suit those audiences’ needs, pivoting between approaches as needed to produce the results you want.

Free Resources for Bing SEO

There are many free resources available to help you master Bing SEO. Here are a few of the most popular.

  • Bing Webmaster Guidelines. Bing maintains a list of guidelines you can use to better understand their ranking factors for SEO. This list is short and regularly updated, so it is well worth reading to help you catch up with the latest news.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools. Bing Webmaster Tools is a versatile piece of online software that allows you to review the keywords you are ranking for as well as your backlinks, site indexing, and much more.
  • Bing SEO Analyzer. Bing’s SEO analyzer allows you to type in your website’s address and receive a list of tips on how to improve your rankings in return. Use it to glean targeted insights into your current strategies weaknesses and patch them up with specific improvements.
  • Microsoft SEO Toolkit. Microsoft’s SEO Toolkit is a free desktop application that uses the same spider crawlers that search engines use to pinpoint your website’s SEO weaknesses. It is easy to use and makes an excellent complementary tool for use with the others described above.

Prepare for the New Bing

In the coming months, Bing is expected to incorporate OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology into their search engine algorithms, bringing you all of the benefits of this revolutionary new tool without a ChatGPT login. This change will allow the engine to provide users with detailed and relevant search results for all their queries, sometimes synthesizing information from multiple sources.

These sources will still be cited when the engine provides the user with their answer, so there is still massive potential for this engine to drive higher traffic for business websites. Working on your Bing SEO now (and familiarizing yourself with common problems like ChatGPT network error and ChatGPT error in body stream) will put your business in the perfect position to reap the benefits of the new Bing when it debuts.

Why is Bing Still Important?

Investing in Bing SEO is a good idea for many reasons. These include:

Lower Competition

Google may be the more popular of the two main search engines, but Bing still has a sizeable part of this market in their corner. Since all Windows PCs come pre-loaded with browsers that default to searching with Bing, many people use it simply because it is easier to do so. This means that Bing searchers are a large market that many advertisers are ignoring. Investing in Bing SEO allows you to make their loss into your gain.

Bing Is Cheaper

Bing’s lower search traffic also translates into cheaper PPC ad fees. You stand to gain just as much from a new lead acquired through a Bing ad as you would from one acquired through Google, but you will pay much less money for the Bing lead.

Bing is More Transparent

Google’s algorithms are infamous for their complex nature. In stark contrast, Bing tells SEO professionals exactly what they need to know to improve their website’s rankings. Their built-in SEO Reports and SEO Analyzer tools provide precise insights into your site’s SEO performance and offer suggestions to help you give the weaker aspects of your website a tune-up.

Bing for Business

Bing Places for Business is a platform similar to Google Business Profile that allows companies to list their address, phone number, hours of operation, and other important details. Like GBP, listing your business through this service gives you a better chance of appearing in the prominent local pack for nearby searchers.

Rank High on Bing with WSI Comandix

Rank High on Bing with WSI Comandix

Improving your website’s Bing SEO will give you a significant edge over your competition and generate an impressive ROI. Our search engine experts at WSI Comandix will help you achieve these incredible benefits with calculated improvements to your website. Contact us today for more information on our SEO services and learn how our efforts will help you gain higher ranks on both of the leading search engines.

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