Where is your business online?


Is Your Business Online?

Business Team Looking at StatisticsEverybody knows that it is important to ensure your brick-and-mortar shop is easy to find and accessible. Now what about your website? Do customers have to go looking for it? If they do; then chances are, they won’t!

A physical shop attracts visitors primarily by being visible: as shoppers walk past, they see it and go in. Your online location is also important, but unlike a physical shop, you are not limited to just one area: visitors can find your website through search engines, paid ads, email marketing, and social media. The more of these digital signposts you have active, the more visitors you are going to attract to your website.

It isn’t just about volume, though. To be effective and profitable, you need to be marketing to the right people. It doesn’t matter how many visitors you are getting if they are not interested in your business or services – you will just be wasting your money.

Be Found by Your Target Market

WSI Comandix ensures that your website is found by the right customers, using a combination of website marketing services to guide them to you:

  • SEO – Our Search Engine Optimization specialists will increase your visibility in search engines by optimizing your website, increasing the amount of quailed traffic you attract.
  • Local Search – For many Toronto businesses, attracting local customers is key. We will optimize your website so that you get to the top of the Local Search rankings, and stay there.
  • Paid Search Marketing – Our Pay-Per-Click Services attract high-quality clients through sponsored ads placed in search engines.
  • Email Marketing Email Marketing is a low-cost, high-returns activity that can build relationships with your customers and boost sales.
  • Remarketing – Our Remarketing Services will keep your website top-of-mind and turn one-time visitors into recurring customers.
  • Display Advertising – You need to stand out to get noticed. Our online Display Advertising is carefully targeted to increase awareness of your business among the customers you want to target.
  • Social Media Marketing – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram – it’s easy to get overwhelmed! Our Social Media Team will help you choose the right platforms and craft the right strategy to connect with your target customers.

Is your target market struggling to find your website? WSI Comandix can provide the expert assistance you need. Explore the possibilities and Book a Discovery Meeting today. Our team of Online Marketing Experts will work with you to create and implement an effective strategy that will use your marketing budget effectively and Drive ROI. Contact our Marketing Team today at (905) 475-3675 for more information.

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