Social Selling Mastery Course

Boost Your Social Selling Skills – Drive More Leads

ПечатьFor years, social media management for small businesses have used social media to build relationships and market their goods and services. But a recent shift in the use of social media has seen more and more companies use it to successfully generate sales leads.

Customers are now performing the greater part of their initial research online through websites and social media before getting in contact with a sales rep: often their decision will have already been made before they ever speak to your business.

To put your sales team on the same footing as your buyers, you need to integrate Social Selling into your lead generation processes. Although today’s customers will inform themselves independently of sales advice, your sales reps still have a role to play in convincing and converting them to use your product.

Of course, pushing your sales team onto social media with no formal training could be a recipe for disaster. To be successful, your team members need to understand how to develop their own professional social profiles, and how to interact with potential customers professionally across social media.

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WSI Social Selling Mastery Course

The experienced team at WSI Comandix has helped businesses across the Greater Toronto Area maximize their social media lead generation potential.


We understand the need for social selling training for sales representatives and have developed an intensive mastery course that will develop their skills through webinars, exercises, and online tests.

The course includes:

  • Developing and maintaining a professional social media profile
  • How to target and reach out to your ideal customers
  • How to create or syndicate relevant content that will attract prospects
  • How to develop relationships with key prospects without appearing pushy
  • How to build a killer sales pipeline with a high conversion rate
  • How to follow the competition and beat them at their own game

Is your social media marketing failing to develop high quality leads? Does your sales team need some expert guidance?

WSI Comandix can teach you and your team to master Social Selling with our 12–module intensive training program.

Contact us today at (905) 475-3675 for more information about the course.

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