Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic Media Buying – Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Reach Your Target Audience with Performance Campaigns Through Automated Technology

Are you looking to create brand awareness? Are you looking to target a specific audience for your brand or products and measure the performance of your campaigns? if your answer is YES then Programmatic media buying is for you.

In the old days, you use to buy Ad space on publisher websites by purchasing a block of impressions for your display ad to been seen, this was done on a fixed rate CPM Cost Per Impression and not effective.  Today you now have the ability of reaching your target audience through (RTB) Real time bidding which is a media buying method of purchasing a single impression in an auction based system in real time. This is done through an automated technology called Programmatic.

Tactics To Target Audience

We create a media buying plan and strategy based on your Objectives and KPI goals providing you with 100% transparency and visibility.

We build your campaigns with your KPI metric points in mind to ensure you are obtaining a strong ROI with precise targeting in mind. From the Geographical location, Hyper location targeting (mobile), to the Demographics you want to target across any channel or device. We can set micro target metrics in place for precise visibility and ensure that your Ads are viewed by the audience you want to reach and Impressions or clicks are not wasted on non-valuable customers.

With programmatic media buying you can select target specific websites or customers that you want to reach to achieve a higher level of brand awareness or direct reach to your customers.

Programmatic media buying is more efficient and essentially more effective when the right strategic planning and targeting is applied. We have the ability to optimize midway through your media buys to ensure your budget is being used as effectively as possible.

Our Platform is integrated with more than 40 major data providers, over 30 ad exchanges and SSP’s (Supply Side Platforms) and approved vendors. Giving you access to a wide range of publisher inventory and ad formats through multiple media channels.

WSI Comandix Provides Programmatic Media Buying Services for All of Our Clients

Media Buying Services For Our Clients

Our Services and Abilities Include:

  • Media Buying – Our seasoned Media Buying experts will create and manage your Ad campaigns based on your Objectives and KPI goals with creative visual advertisements that will attract your audience.
  • Media Planning – Our Media buying experts will build a comprehensive media plan on how to achieve your Media buying goals.
  • Real Time viability and control – Your ad display metrics are reported to us in real time with no delays. We provide full reports on campaign performance.
  • Optimize in real time. – We can adjust your campaigns to optimize your metric goals in real time for greater ROI. We split test multiple ad creative’s and scale the top performing ads.
  • Channel reach – No limits on channel reach from Desktop, Mobile, and Video depending on your target.
  • Re-targeting – Re engage users that have visited your website or product/service page.
  • Advanced Audience Targeting – Focus on branding or specifics. We can micro target your audience, drill down into Demographic and Geographic targeting from Gender, Age, Location, (Country, City, Zip and Area code), to event targeting radius.

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