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Latest Technical SEO Techniques – 2017

by WSI Comandix

Latest SEO Techniques

Eminent companies are always on their toes, keeping up with the news, anticipating and adapting changes as they happen. SEO companies are no exception. According to a latest study, Google changes its algorithm 500-600 times per year. With this propensity, SEO has changed a lot compared to what it used to be previously which pushes us to be on our toes and remain updated with the latest trends. Let me run you through the top SEO vogues and what you should do, to enhance the ranking your website.

High Google Ranking

Keywords and Key Phrases

  • The importance of keywords in SEO has changed a little bit. Internet users expect to find precise  information or answers by typing their exact queries in Google search.
  • Using broader keywords is crucial for your SEO plan, and improves your ranking in search results.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • More than 60% internet users browse the internet via mobile devices. There is no doubt that mobile users are increasing at a tremendous rate.
  • AMP is a standard HTML coding that was designed to load mobile websites very quickly.
  • Web sites should always load fast, and the expected time is less than 4 seconds.
  • AMP simply optimizes your desktop websites and makes it mobile friendly, resulting in lesser load time.
  • Google RankBrain Algorithm
  • RankBrain is the new machine-learning artificial intelligence technology that delivers search results by thinking on its own and decides which results are most relevant for the raised query.
  • RankBrain forms the modern module of Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm, driving the entire system.
  • Words are made more understandable to the computers with the help of RankBrain. It channels artificial intelligence to embed words into numerical entities.
  • Google’s preciseness and effectiveness is definitely enhanced with this.
  • Voice Recognition Software
  • Searching for information on the internet using a voice recognition software is becoming a common trend nowadays. Instead of typing on the keypad, you can speak on a microphone.
  • Search engines interpret natural phrases and respond to the queries much faster.
  • Video Content Sharing
  • Content is still the KING, but do not forget the video.
  • Adding schema markup to a website is one of the best practices in SEO which allows search engines to show relevant information to the user.
  • Snippets allow search engines to understand the website and information provided on it.
  • Website Security Level
  • To ensure your website is safe and secure for users, Google has announced that Chrome will show non-secure warning for pages served over HTTP containing login and credit card fields. Therefore, changing HTTP to HTTPS is recommended.
  • Content is still the – KING
  • High quality content attracts visitors and leads. This is what Google wants to see on your website.
  • Analysis and of the content is required to understand what works best. Keywords should be added as per the search queries.
  • Sharing in Social Media
  • Sharing on Social Media initiates a conversion that drives more business. It’s a low cost way to create opportunities.
  • Building Backlinks
  • It’s not only about the links, but engaging with other bloggers, publishers while maintaining own reputation.
  • You have to work with a strategic plan to get backlinks from a reputed website.

Understanding SEO and topping the ladder require a lot of research and experimentation. It can significantly increase the traffic and ranking of a website. Keep yourself updated with the latest advancements. All the best!

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