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Hottest Web Design Trends Of 2017- That You Should Know !!

by WSI Comandix

Web design styles tend to represent larger movements and patterns in the design world. Styles don’t typically have specific elements associated with them, but rather are marked by their visuals. These could be defined as overall theories in the approach to design. Minimalism is a prime example of how a particular design can drive what the artist produces. This style defines how a site will look and feel, but it doesn’t dictate any specific imagery. Deciding on a style should by no means be arbitrary. The style in which a site is presented is of utmost importance and should be carefully planned, so as to contribute to the overall Brand.

Latest Web Design Trends

Changes in trends are well known to all. It also happens in the creative world and web designing is not an exception. Experimentation and modernization give birth to new trends and drive factors towards change. The deviation in trends pushes all the industries forward for a better future and revenue.

Landscape of web design is constantly evolving. Something that looked modern and fresh yesterday can appear dated seemingly overnight, and trends once dismissed as irrevocably phase can unexpectedly cycle back in vogue. To help you prepare for whatever the web design tide takes us in 2017, we’ve put together a list of 10 trends to for you to keep a close eye on.

Bold Typography

More and more companies are turning to big, bold typography to anchor their homepages. This style works best when the rest of the page is kept minimal and clean.


High quality videos or GIFs that run on a smooth, continuous loop have become way to add movement and visual interest to otherwise static pages.

Experimental Compositions

To stand out in a sea of tidy masonry style layouts, some designers are opting instead for more eclectic structures.

Bright Gradients

Kaleidoscopic gradients are coming back in a big way. The era of flat design is starting to come to an end, maybe not all together but bit by bit. The biggest evidence of this is the new, up and coming trend of gradients. They are much more subtle than the gradients we used to see in web 2.0 era or after.

Let’s be honest, gradients are in again!

Vivid Layout of Color

Staggered, stacked layers of color add depth and texture to a simple site layout, so as to contribute to the overall Brand.

Straight Forward, Simple Text

Some website is cutting out images and prominent navigation sections altogether relying on a few choice lines of straightforward text to inform visitors about their company.


More companies are turning into illustrators and graphic artists to create bespoke illustrations for their website. After years of flat design and minimalism, adding illustrated touches to your site is a great way to inject a little edge.

Modular Design

Modular design certainly sticking around in 2017. It’s a foolproof way to create clean, accessible website that keeps visitors interested.

Duo Tone

Duo Tone is a halftone reproduction of an image that brings out its middle tones and highlights. Blue, brown, red and yellow are considered to be the everyday choices. However, when it comes to enthusiastic web designers, there is no such thing as common or dominant. As the past several months shows, numerous vibrant shades of purple to green are implemented to achieve this incredible effect.

The creative mix and match different tones even those that are barely conformable.


Taking classic minimalism to the extreme, some designers are defying conventions of what a website needs to look like, displaying just the bare necessities.

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