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Do You Know Why Your Website Is Not Bringing You Leads and Sales?

With a FREE Website Audit from WSI Comandix, you can transform your website into a lead generating machine and a powerful profit centre.

  • A detailed report highlighting the areas of your site that need improvement in order to boost your rankings.

  • Analytical insights into your rankings on Google and other main search engines with recommendations on how to gain greater visibility and higher rankings.

  • An in-depth look at the reasons why visitors may be exiting your site too quickly, or abandoning the shopping cart on your e-commerce site.

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Our Website Audit Examines 4 Major Aspects of Your Web Presence

  • Marketing

    We look at how your pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and banner advertising campaigns will perform, and outline the changes you need to make in order to gain greater online marketing ROI.


    Web technologies and platforms change rapidly in keeping with changing consumer needs and trends. Is your website responsive to visitors on-the-go? Are potential customers clicking away because a competitor’s site is more attractive, faster to load, simpler to use?

  • Accessibility

    n the 21st century, the world is all about equality and inclusiveness. Is your website accessible for users with varying degrees of capability? Does it follow best practice and accessibility guidelines to deliver a consistently high user experience?


    Your audience and the search engines want meaningful, relevant, useful content. Not only do you need to infuse your site regularly with fresh content for higher search rankings, but you also need to ensure that it is well-written and meets audience expectations.

What Our Clients Say...

  • My experience in working with WSI Comandix has overall been very positive and I am satisfied with the results of the service. They are very responsive in calling back and emailing, patient with non-technical people...”

    Nancy C.
  • “They focus on what's best to suit your business but also, there aren't these grandiose promises. Very down to earth. The best compliment to give them is that they're not just a website company.”

    - Zach B.