Monthly Archives: January 2018
Digital Summit DC – 3 Highlights of this Internet Marketing Lollapalooza by WSI Comandix

Ever wonder how to keep up with trends and practices in digital marketing?  I mean besides following WSI’s blogs? This is one of the greatest joys – and challenges – of my career as an internet marketing consultant. Since I made this my career in 2003, watching (and being part of) the way the internet continually transforms […]

How to Deliver the Experience Your Future Customers Expect by WSI Comandix

Whether it’s because we recently rolled out our annual predictions post or that we blogged about the value of businesses keeping their eyes on the digital horizon, our team has discussed the future of marketing a lot lately. Within the context of the future, the customer experience – more specifically, how it’s changed and evolved alongside technology – […]

Marketing Automation: Why is it a Vital Investment for your Business? by WSI Comandix

In this age of Snapchat, Instagram and general digital advancement, is email too old-school to contribute to your company’s success? Though a few years ago, headlines heralded the death of email, studies indicate that email is BACK and marketing automation offers a way to leverage email in a way that requires less time but gives […]

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